Morning Joke

Joe Scarborough flaps his lips, and out comes this:

I don’t want to have a debate about the history of the CIA, but I do want to have a debate about what’s happened since September 11, 2001, and I can tell you what’s happened. We’ve figured out a hell of a lot about Al Qaeda, we’ve killed or captured two-thirds — that was, god, three, four years ago — of Al Qaeda terrorists — men that we had no idea who they were, and there’s been no attack here, in the United States. Now, if you want to debate the morality of waterboarding, talking about putting caterpillars in boxes, making people sit down with their arms in the air, we can have that debate, we can have the debate on morality, but by every objectionable standard — uh, objective standard — the intelligence community has succeeded in cracking the code on Al Qaeda, and preventing another attack in the United States of America. That, it seems to me, is without debate. So let’s debate the morality of waterboarding, and caterpillars, and making terrorists sit down, and if it upsets you that a terrorist is forced to sit down and put his hands in the air for a while, okay, we’ll have that debate, and I’m quite comfortable where that debate comes down, between liberals and conservatives.

That’s right, Joe. We make terrorists sit down with their hands in the air, and that makes all the truth they’ve kept bottled up inside come tumbling out.

I should try that at home. Sit on the floor and put my hands in the air. I don’t want to be too reckless, though. I might not be able to control what would happen if I sat on the floor and put my hands in the air.

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