Now playing at Cognitive Dissonance theater!

Wingnuts are gloating over a story reported by a venerable institution of journalism, the, uh, Hollywood Reporter, which details CHAOS! and PATHOS! at a GE shareholder meeting.  What’s the big, uber-important, non-wanktastic/rightwing bukkake-esque issue du jour?!  The political bias of GE subsidiary MSNBC.

I don’t recall any complaints from their side about MSNBC’s political bias when they gave Michael Savage a show.  What did Savage get fired for..?  Oh, I remember!

Savage then asked if Foster was a “sodomite”, to which the caller answered, “Yes.” Savage then said to the caller, “Oh, so you’re one of those sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig; how’s that? Why don’t you see if you can sue me, you pig? You got nothing better to do than to put me down, you piece of garbage? You got nothing to do today? Go eat a sausage, and choke on it. Get trichinosis. Now do we have another nice caller here who’s busy because he didn’t have a nice night in the bathhouse who’s angry at me today? Put another, put another sodomite on….no more calls?…I don’t care about these bums; they mean nothing to me. They’re all sausages.

Righties wasted no time screaming censorship after this outburst got Savage shitcanned.  I guess telling a gay man to “go get AIDS and die” is unbiased.

The ironic thing here is that, during the time MSNBC gave shows to pieces of shit like Michael Savage, they were catering to the right.  They saw the ad revenues that Fox “News” pulled in and wanted a piece of that market.  They were trying to outfox Fox, but that business model failed — thus explaining their shift to the left since, by becoming the anti-Fox, MSNBC makes more money.  The right had their chance to have two solidly wingnut”news” channels on the air but failed to support it. Now they have the audacity to protest a GE shareholders meeting because of MSNBC’s leftward bias?  Are you fucking kidding me?

Anyways, this leads into the most obvious point here, that being the extreme rightward bias of the Fox News Network.  Have there been any marches on News Corp shareholder meetings yet to protest this bias that has existed at the news network since its conception in 1996? No, of course not.

But the real kicker, though, is that this shareholder revolt was led by, uh, Fox News:

Just before GE re-elected board members, company brass were hit with questions from shareholders critical of an alleged leftward political slant at MSNBC.

But one of those questions came from Jesse Waters, a producer on “The O’Reilly Factor” whose criticisms were cut short when his microphone was cut off, according to several attendees. Waters apparently did not publicly identify himself as a Fox employee.

Well, that’s not too biased!

How can they complain about “political bias” on MSNBC without having the rest of the country laugh at their hypocrisy?

This kind of stupidity causes even Jesus Christ to facepalm.

Wanna ruin your savior’s day?  Keep it up.

6 Responses to “Now playing at Cognitive Dissonance theater!”

  1. Booogie-Mann says:

    Ha, yea !! I love the outrage here!! Someone on the right doing what lefties usually do and you guys wet your pants!! You missed the point tasshole, there are reports that Immelt held a meeting where he told the MSNBC/CNBC staff to lay off Obama. Immelt has huge $$ ties to Obama, and GE got TARP money, so it’s clearly unethical for him to say what he did, if he did say that. Savage sounds like you tas, vile and vulgar, so what’s the problem?? But I agree they did give him a chance on MSNBC.

    tasshole: part of the issue here is GE getting TARP money from your pal Geithner and applying it to a failing enterprise: MSNBC. Do you think TARP should help keep media outlets like MSNBC and NYT afloat?? GE stock went from $40ish to like $6 bucks, no wonder people were angry and attended the meeting. Seems you are angry at people expressing themselves here … and at the “Tea Parties”. Had the mic’s not been cut I doubt this would’ve made news.

    I don’t see how Fox’s slight slant to the right can be labeled “extreme”. C’mon tas at least O’Reilly and Hannity have opposing views on their respective shows … Olbermann and Maddow have yet to invite dissent …. It’s amazing the outrage expressed towards Fox for daring to have a Conservative voice once and awhile. Fox wasn’t even around till the late 90’s, meanwhile for decades people on the Right had to deal with the bias on the Big 3, then CNN and most major newspapers.

    ….. also, it’s a Picture of Jesus just after he created you … caption: proving God’s do make mistakes …

  2. Booogie-Mann says:

    ……. so I suppose had Rupert Murdoch instructed his folks to go after Obama you’d “Yawn” as well?? How bout if Fox News got some TARP money??

    Most people, including tas have expressed concerns about Geithner and how these Trillions are being used or mismanaged. So much for the transparency Obama promised, recipients of this LARGEST BAILOUT IN HISTORY have been kept secret!! Where has all the money gone?? So in this respect tas shares a view with the Teabaggers he claims to hate. How ironic.

  3. Steve M. says:

    I want to start a band called Sodomy Lobby.

  4. tas says:

    BM: Defending vile 9/11 comments since 2009.

    Steve: I’ll play drums, but I’d lobby to have Sodomy Lobotomy for the band name.

  5. radical_Moderate says:

    “I don’t see how Fox’s slight slant to the right can be labeled “extreme”.

    You are joking aren’t you?


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