S.C.: Massive Teacher Layoffs and School Budget Cuts Averted (for Now)

Gov. Mark Sanford blinked:

Gov. Mark Sanford will comply with a midnight Friday stimulus deadline and become the last governor in the nation to seek millions of dollars in federal economic-recovery funds for his state, aides said late Thursday.

Sanford will continue contesting $700 million in education and law enforcement money for South Carolina, but his 11th-hour move to meet the deadline buys time for schools fearing mass teacher layoffs and draconian cuts.

Sanford’s month-long fight over stimulus money placed South Carolina in the national spotlight and put him at loggerheads with President Barack Obama.

“Tomorrow the governor is going to send the (Section) 1607 certification for everything except the stabilization funds,” Sanford’s spokesman, Joel Sawyer, said Thursday evening. “The governor will apply for that (additional) money if the General Assembly is willing to compromise and pay down some debt with it.”

Obama has twice rejected Sanford’s written requests to use $700 million in State Fiscal Stabilization Fund money to pay off state government debt instead of its stated use to help school districts retain teachers and modernize old schools or build new ones.

One Response to “S.C.: Massive Teacher Layoffs and School Budget Cuts Averted (for Now)”

  1. Chief says:

    I suppose Brockton, MA a city of about 94,000 would be happy with some of the money the idiot from SC was trying to turn down. Brockton, yesterday, was forced to lay-off some of its police officers and firemen and has announced that ultimately about 50% of each will be laid-off.

    We don’t even want to get into the “less-law-enforcement-more-crime” discussion, do we?

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