The Power, Right, or Liberty to Choose

That is how The Free Online Dictionary defines “choice.” And this is how defines “choose“:

  1. To select from a number of possible alternatives; decide on and pick out.
    1. To prefer above others: chooses the supermarket over the neighborhood grocery store.
    2. To determine or decide: chose to fly rather than drive.

This is what happens in a country that combines an enforced one-child policy with an extremely patriarchal society in which women are systematically devalued and have almost no political or economic or personal rights or freedom:

A bias in favor of male offspring has left China with 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls, creating “an imminent generation of excess men,” a study released Friday said.

For the next 20 years, China will have increasingly more men than women of reproductive age, according to the paper, which was published online by the British Medical Journal. “Nothing can be done now to prevent this,” the researchers said.

Chinese government planners have long known that the urge of couples to have sons was skewing the gender balance of the population. But the study, by two Chinese university professors and a London researcher, provides some of the first hard data on the extent of the disparity and the factors contributing to it.

In 2005 , they found, births of boys in China exceeded births of girls by more than 1.1 million. There were 120 boys born for every 100 girls.

This disparity seems to surpass that of any other country, they said — a finding, they wrote, that was perhaps unsurprising in light of China’s one-child policy.

They attributed the imbalance almost entirely to couples’ decisions to abort female fetuses.

Finally, this is what happens when ideological or religious fanatics who do not understand the concept of choice read an article such as the one quoted above and decide they must comment on it: They conclude that this is what happens when a woman has the right to choose abortion:

Talk about the law of unintended consequences. In countries where a woman has a virtually unfettered right to choose abortion, the result is that women overwhelmingly choose to abort female fetuses.

Now, the individual who wrote this has a law degree. Not only does he have a law degree, but he teaches law at Cornell University. Cornell University! And yet he does not know that the aborting of female fetuses is the result of China’s one-child-per-couple policy combined with the extremely low status of females in China. When you are only allowed one child, and the societal value of a girl child is close to zero, then you are creating a powerful preference for that one child to be a boy — to the point where many are willing to abort female fetuses or kill newborn female infants. Under circumstances like these, there is little to no connection between legality and choice with regard to abortion in China. A coerced choice is no choice at all.

If a Cornell University law professor is so blinded by ideological fanaticism that he cannot grasp this, one cannot expect anything different from ideological fanatics who don’t have law degrees.

Barbara O’Brien has some excellent observations to make about “idiots with degrees.”

3 Responses to “The Power, Right, or Liberty to Choose”

  1. jugheadjack says:

    i am a devout dem. however i dont believe in abortion. but i dont belive i have the right to tell a .grown person what to do with their tin telling people what to do down body. that is their own decision. wether for goodor ill.and i dont believe in babies having babies.and idont believe in rape victims being forced to carryachild to birth and i dont believe in telling people what to do

  2. jugheadjack says:

    hell i got it all wrong. sorry. i ment to say was what to do their own bodies

  3. If right wingers were genuinely concerned about what was going on in China they could adopt Chinese babies. China is literally giving them away.

    But the right wingers* aren’t about to do the “right thing“, instead what the “conservative intellectuals” on the right are doing is creating specious (seductively false) arguments to rile up the right wing’s faith brigade.

    While it might be dismissed as profound ignorance, the right wing argumentation technique’s regular reliance on false assertions is a pattern amongst the most educated on the right.

    When an educated right winger falsely asserts about China, a country that forces abortion after the first child, that China has “a virtually unfettered right to choose abortion[,]” that person is no longer engaging in an honest argument.

    While courtesy might demand acceptance that the person making the false assertion actually believes the lie, that courtesy is often what the right winger is relying on to further their falsehoods.

    Probably the nicest thing that could be said about “Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion” blogger “William A. Jacobson” is that he’s good natured enough to put up a “What “They” Are Saying About “Me”” section that currently includes these comments:

    “‘Obtuse’ is just about the nicest thing I could say about Jacobson. The problem with being too steeped in any profession is that you run the risk of no longer understanding the difference between reality and your profession’s most obscure minutiae.”

    “Jacobson is doing only what other McCain supporters are starting to do, produce these worthless pieces from some narrow perch in order to cover up their own racist bigotry”

    “I take it Jacobson teaches at the cow college part of Cornell, and not the elite section where Coulter attended.”

    * There are right wingers that have adopted, but so few that it makes the simplistic slogan of “adoption is an option” almost meaningless.


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