You Mean, Heterosexuals Do That, Too?

Scott Johnson holds forth on teabagging and “public homosexuality“:

The star hosts of CNN and MSNBC news shows have notoriously derided the tea party demonstrations around the country with reference to the practice of teabagging (which I had never heard of before they brought it up). As John noted, both networks’ “journalists” used the rallies as an occasion for childish sexual innuendoes — in the case of MSNBC, the same obscene teabag “joke” was repeated 51 times in a 13-minute segment.
While sitting in for Keith Olbermann on April 15, MSNBC’s David Shuster packed the teabagging puns into his report on the protests. Shuster is like a juvenile student who has commandeered the loudspeaker system at his high school to commit the prank of a lifetime. Maybe it was just a case of Olbermann’s writers feeding Shuster the same good stuff they usually give to Olbermann.

Andrew Sullivan is giddy; he seems to think the phenomenon is a big ball of fun.

There is something funny going on here, if not exactly where Cooper, Maddow and Sullivan find it. Cooper is widely reputed to be homosexual. Maddow and Sullivan are of course public homosexuals. It is funny in an ironic sort of way that these folks choose to disparage the tea party protestors from somewhere inside the homosexual subculture. Why not just call the protestors girly boys and let everyone in on the joke? Or would that spoil the fun?

There is not only something funny going on here, there is a story here. These supposed journalists and their networks (or publisher, in Sullivan’s case) have rather seriously insulted the citizens who colorfully took to the streets to air respectable views in a most civil fashion. If they had any decency, Cooper et al. would apologize for their vile reference to sexual practices in the context of ordinary citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.

Skip a beat….

UPDATE: I had missed Matt Taibbi’s vulgar assault on Michelle Malkin in this context drawing on the heterosexual form of the practice.

The heterosexual form of the practice. Scott, who is reputed to be heterosexual a public heterosexual, thinks that oral sex is some weird, kinky sex practice that only homosexuals do, except someone just slipped him a note to let him know there is a “heterosexual form” of this practice.

Scott, you are an ignorant, homophobic fool.

Oh, wait. That’s not a story, either.

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6 Responses to “You Mean, Heterosexuals Do That, Too?”

  1. tas says:

    Personally, I’m amused at Brett Bonzell’s claim that teabagging talk makes the news “R-rated.” Hilarious. So in the late 1990s, when the Republicans made sure to let all of us know that Bill Clinton came on Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress, and that Bill Clinton stuck a cigar in Monica Lewinsky’s cooch, that wasn’t, ahem, “R-rated”? All of this is explict enough for a child to understand, too — rather than teabagging comments which sound odd unless you know what “teabagging” means. This teabagging being perverted crap is on the level of Shrek. Sure, when the donkey looks at Lord Fuckwad’s.. Excuse me, Fariquad’s (I still think it’s meant to say “fuckwad,” another part of that movie I find hilarious) huge, phallic-like castle and says “I think he’s trying to compensate for something!”, us adults know what it means. The kids don’t. Same thing with teabagging.. I fail to see where this is R-rated when the other one is G-Rated.

  2. booogiemann says:

    tas: You keep repeating this bullshit like it’s fact. You are a smug little wiener. The facts of the Clinton/Lewinski affair are what brought the stained dress and term “blowjob” into our living room. Did Clinton lie under oath: Yes. Did Clinton send out his cronies to publicly defame Monica?? Accuse her of lying while lying themselves?? Yes. Why did far right-wing outlets like every major newspaper, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN all report on the President’s BJ and fascination with Cigar’s?? Doesn’t seem solely GOP driven to me. Clinton embarrassed himself and embarrassed the nation on this issue. He lied to our faces on TV about the affair, pointing his finger at the camera. Then he tried to defame an intern until she produced “the dress”.

    tas; you are a dishonest pseudo-intellectual, you are what you claim to hate … a huge bigoted radical, a tool for partisanship, absolutely closed minded, and overtly mean-spirited. On your silly podcast you hypocrites lament criticism of Michelle Obama’s dress then go on to rip Limbaugh for having boobs, Palin too. Do you guy’s ever listen to yourselves?? Geez …… you are what you hate, look in the mirror tas.

    Many people found MSNBC’s repeated use of the term “teabagging” distasteful. Not just right wing people. I suppose as a pot-smoking college weenie you found it funny. Well I suppose were it on HBO at night it would be a different story, even funny. Since you’re a kid, and don’t have kids, I don’t expect you to understand. MSNBC’s mockery of the word and the people further discredit it as a “News” organization.

  3. tas says:

    I’ve always wondered what it is that causes idiots to obsess about me. Must be my sparkling personality — I should feel special.

  4. booogiemann says:

    You are the idiot.

  5. Booogie-Mann says:

    …….. and as usual didn’t respond to anything I brought up. Guess you only know what you are told. But hey, I really doubt at your age you were even following Clinton era politics of the time and current events. So how could you know anything?

    And yes, you are interesting. It’s fun to watch the Village Idiot kick himself with hypocrisy over and over ….

  6. tas says:

    We here at CFLF have uncovered an artist’s conception of BM. It explains everything.

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