Matthew Alexander: Torture Has Cost Us American Lives

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth at least a hundred thousand:


Via The Huffington Post.

5 Responses to “Matthew Alexander: Torture Has Cost Us American Lives”

  1. RichardOn says:

    Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

  2. Booogie-Mann says:

    Interesting video clip, but this guy admits he started his role in 2006 well after the 3 Gitmo Detainees were water boarded. He does not deny or know what information was gathered thanks to water boarding, nor does he acknowledge that any American lives were saved in the US thanks to this information. All he really testified to was how Abu Ghraib was used as a propaganda tool for Al Qaeda. Any real action the US takes angers the Muslums, yet they butcher each other every day for menial crimes using an antiquated and barbaric system of justice.

    No doubt Al Qaeda used the same Propaganda used by Progressives to gather support for their cause against US forces in Iraq. Yet, these same hypocrites overlook the some 400,000 people executed by Saddam. His words also demonstrate how crazy and radical too many Muslums really are. Traveling to Iraq to blow yourself up?? What a sad religion is Muslumism.

  3. Jack Jodell says:

    Sensational clip, Kathy. Regardless or whether or not torture ever yielded useful information, its use is illegal internationally and domestically and there have been convictions for such. I categorically reject the “ends justifies the means” nonsense that many on the right are espousing and I make the same point as Mr. Alexander in my current post. Mr. Alexander is entirely correct to assert, and Cheney entirely wrong to reject, the fact that torture is a terrorist’s number one recruiting tool. Cheney and those who instituted and still advocate the use of torture as a form of interrogation are a disgrace to this country and its ideals. They are the antithesis of law, order, and decency!

  4. Macswain says:


    Virtually everything you say is wrong, as usual. Saddam was a brutal dictator but the argument that he executed 400,000 people was never borne out. USAID went looking and never found the numbers in mass graves that could be attributed to extra-judicial killings by Saddam that was expected. In fact, there’s a good argument that more Iraqis were subject to more extra-judicial deaths in the 5 years following the U.S. invasion than occurred in the 30 years before. Human Rights Watch has also released a recent study of the current failings of the “judicial system” in the new Iraq and it appears that it remains as horrible as it was under Saddam. Life for women in Iraq is considered by many to be worse now than under Saddam.

    You live in the rightwing, fact-free zone where if you say something enough, you make it true. Your problem is the complete lack of evidence you bring to the table for any of your claims.

    It is not that difficult a concept to grasp that when the U.S. engages in torture, it is: (a) likely to enrage some to the extent that they then rationalize acts of violence; and (b) sets a precedent whereby others feel justified in using torture, often even against innocents.

  5. patrikios says:

    There is no such religion as Muslumism (sp). I suppose you mean Islam.
    If you are going to paint a religion with such a broad brush, at least get its name right. LOL.

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