The Dick and Liz Cheney Traveling Road Show

Steve Benen wrote on Friday about the extraordinary ubiquitousness of Liz Cheney lately. In the past 10 days (as of Friday afternoon) she had appeared on a dozen different tv shows — mostly Fox News and right-wing talk show hosts like Joe Scarborough and Sean Hannity.

It’s perfectly understandable that Liz Cheney would want to be everywhere at once sticking up for her dead and telling everyone what a hero he is. But what exactly is the media’s thinking in giving the former vice-president’s daughter this unprecedented soapbox from which to tell us how right and necessary Cheney pére’s policies were? Of what possible value could Liz Cheney’s opinions on the Bush administration’s policies be, given that (a) she was not part of making them; and (b) she is the most biased, subjective voice possible on the subject? What news value is there in giving Liz Cheney this unlimited, unending public forum to defend her dad’s honor? It’s obvious what her father gets out of it. But what do we get out of it?

There’s no modern precedent for such a ridiculous arrangement. Dick Cheney launches a crusade against the White House, and major outlets look for analysis from Cheney’s daughter? Who everyone already realizes agrees with everything he says about torture?

Jazz Shaw over at TMV adds that Cheney junior is rude to guests with opposing views, and appears to be getting a pass from the same conservatives who have been hammering Meghan McCain:

The major issue I have with Liz is her manners (or lack thereof) in the interview chair. Her appearance on Morning Joe, for example, was a classic example of the other spots she has done. A question is asked and Liz is given virtually forever to repeat the talking points issued by her father. Then a countering argument is asked for from another speaker. They manage to get three – or at most five – words out of their mouth and Liz jumps in, shouts them down, and begins parroting the same points over and over again. And the hosts pretty much uniformly fail to challenge her on her lack of understanding of debate. …

As an aside to my Republican friends, I hear plenty of complaints about the young McCain daughter hitting the media circuits, but not so much about Liz eating up the air time.

10 Responses to “The Dick and Liz Cheney Traveling Road Show”

  1. Jack Jodell says:

    Liz Chaney is cut from the same mold as her mother and father: mouthy, arrogant, ignorant, and a mammoth liar. She is so cock-sure that waterboarding isn’t torture and that it was proven legal anyway that she actually believes all the spin and myth cooked up by daddy and his dubious lawyer underlings. The only hope for her, her mother, OR her father would be for them to be waterboarded like the formerly tough-talking Chicago shock jock was. THAT would change all of their tunes in a hurry!

  2. Booogie-Mann says:

    “Mouthy, arrogant, ignorant and a mammoth liar” … this could be said about most of your Democrat Leaders as well (Durbin, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Murtha). I’m glad both Cheney’s are out there defending the Bush Policy and reminding us what Common Sense is as the latest political witch hunt is all about absurdity and revenge.

    Liz kicked some ass on a few of these shows.

  3. Jack Jodell says:

    Boogie-Mann, Murtha and Durbin are far more attuned to the needs of average Americans, and listen to them more intently, too, than Cheney, Bush, or any of your conservative jingoistic heroes ever have been.

  4. Booogie-Mann says:

    “Murtha and Durbin are far more attuned to the needs of average Americans” … like when they called our troops Terrorists and Murderers?? Hardly in tune … with anyone but the hard left. Same people who think that tax increases all across the Nation will help in a recession. How ignorant of economics. But I guess we’ll have to disagree. I’m proud of the way Liz Cheney’s put a few of the uninformed Liberals in their place on these talk shows. Good for her.

  5. Kathy says:

    like when they called our troops Terrorists and Murderers??

    Murtha and Durbin never did that. And Liz Cheney is the one who’s uninformed.

  6. Booogie-Mann says:

    He sure did, lots of other Democrats had horrible things to say about our troops. Murtha said the Marines: “they killed innocent civilians in cold blood”. John F. Kerry said they were sneaking around in the night terrorizing women and children … just like terrorists …Ooops, can we still use that word? Democrats did a lot to undermine the Iraq War effort, they proclaimed it Lost several times but now it appears the USA has won. I doubt the news Liberals follow includes the ghastly remarks Democrats have made about our troops.

    Meanwhile Obama has quadrupled the highest Bush budget deficit !! … over 1.6 Trillion projected deficit this year !! Geez …….. what do you have to say about this Kathy??

    Little Kim has set off a second Nuclear bomb, proving once again that Diplomacy only buys time for Dictators. Clinton failed, Bush Failed, now Obama is failing. What do you think about N. Korea Kathy?

    … Seems Iran is following the same path. Iran already has the missile technology to hammer Israel and parts of Europe. Either Iran or Little Kim could sneak a bomb into the US, or blackmail us in the background, we would never know.

  7. Kathy says:

    Murtha said the Marines: “they killed innocent civilians in cold blood”.

    He was talking about the Marines at Haditha, not “the troops.”

    What do you think about N. Korea Kathy?

    I think it’s a very scary place where the citizens are terrified of their own government. I think it’s a place where no one has any civil liberties or human rights, where habeus corpus and due process are unknown, and where, when the government decides you are a terrorist or a subversive, that’s what you are — no charges, no evidence, and no trial needed.

  8. Booogie-Mann says:

    Update: The latest projected Obama Deficit is now 1.8 TRILLION !! Only digging our hole deeper …

    Kathy, you are correct about N. Korea. Obviously in places where a Dictator or the Government is all-powerful the citizens suffer most. No Utopia as promised, just squalor for the plebes … I hope we aren’t heading further down this road. How do all you Progressives think Obama should handle N. Korea or Iran??

    Also there is talk of this 25% National Sales tax or a VAT tax … great idea in a recession, suck more money out of the people and prevent a jobs recovery. This Global Warming bill would do the same thing. China, which has surpassed the US in emissions, has no intention of curbing anything in China. Given that Global Temperatures have FALLEN the past 10 years, isn’t this a futile effort ?? If India and China refuse to participate?? … all this important stuff is going on … and all CFLF can do is trash Rove, Rice, Cheney, Bush, Limbaugh and assert the rights of Terrorists who want to kill us.

    What is your take on the National Sales/VAT Tax and the Global Warming Bill Kathy??

  9. Anita says:

    Pardon, the lack of a timely comment; but I it is necessary to point out most of the Liz Cheney interviews, or the transcripts, can be found on the web. Her manners, allowing others to speak, were respectful but stern; but mostly NOT reciprocated by fellow panelists.
    She just ate some of your own for breakfast, mainly “Donny” and “Lawrence”. .
    Envious aren’t you?

  10. Aluceo says:

    The recent appearances of the Cheneys over the media as a credible political opponent on par to the Obama administration’s policies and stances raises an issue of journalistic deontology! This is definitely of artificial making. On the one hand, we’ve got a legitimately elected President of the United States who has undergone the rigorous electoral process having to make his case to the American people and coming out successful in eliciting the policies he intends to carry out during his mandate within the confines of the American political institutional structure and process. On the other hand, we’ve got political personae (the Cheneys) who are effectively being presented by the media as a legitimate opponent on par to the Obama administration whereas they do not bear any electoral mandate whatsoever for the political views they profer and with no consequent responsiblity, stake and risk that will arise from any such mandate while the President is tied to them.
    The latest case in point, is Liz Cheney’s appearance on the Scarborough Show with her critical and undermining views of the President presented in effect as critical views to the Obama speech delivered in Egypt under the disguise of expressing her opinions. For comments/expressions of opinion on the President’s policies, her views as well as those of her father have been given such a broad artificial reception by the media that runs very contrary to the expression of opinion as we’ve come to know it. These views are rather given almost the same weight and placed on par as the political stances of a legitimately elected president with a legitimate mandate for the policies he is undertaking while the Cheney’s hold no such legitimate mandate and with no accompanying political accountability whatsoever. The issue here is that such attitude by the media is contrary to what we’ve come to expect from normal implicit democratic rules. If the Cheneys had any pretense for policies they wished to be implemented after the Bush Administration, the solution would have simply been for Dick or Liz to run for president. Since they didn’t, it is artificial for the media to strive to present them as a counterweight on par to the Obama administration’s policies well beyong what will be expected for the opinion of a simple citizen that the Cheneys are now notwithstanding their previous political roles. And by the way, by extension is it acceptable that any citizen, no matter what self-righteous pretense they might have, to be artificially given a similar counterweight role on par with the President on any policy issues of the Obama administration while not holding any legitimate political mandate for which they will be politically accountable for their stances? It can be understandable, that the Cheneys can be of direct concern when it comes to matters of direct relation to political issues having to do with Cheney’s role in the Bush administration. But to raise their views on the policies and stances the administration should take on par with the President undermines appropriate journalistic deontology because as we should all know by now “elections do matter”.
    What strikes the mind here is that the Cheneys have perfectly understood this “naïvété” of the media and are using this “media confusion about fairness” to artificially strive to extirpate Mr. Dick Cheney from accusations of introducing torture policies during the Bush Administration among other political accusations. Their strategy is very simple. Legally, Cheney can’t make it (they know that secretly). In all courts of law, so-called EITs are definitely torture practices. Besides, the facts as we know them are overwhelmingly against him and the Bush Administration, and Dick Cheney’s contradictions are extensive. The real strategy of the Cheney’s here is totally otherly: turn it “political”. First, saying torture works and was for the good of the country should elicit the fervour of many Americans. Afterall, all what is needed is that a substantial number of Americans polled buy to this argument, and then the issue’s legal underpinning may be undermined. Secondly, posing artificially as the right wing counterweight to the Obama’s administration policies elicits the impression and fervour in some quarters particularly to the right that he is making the President moderate and thus he is political useful. A look at this second political trick shows how the media has effectively been manipulated: knowing fairly well that in his administrative role the President will have to take practical and pragmatic postures with respect to the release of photos of abused detainees as well as on other policies, all what Dick simply have to do is to posit that he is against releasing the pictures and pretend to take critical policy issues postures on the right, making him seemingly a moderating influence on the President. Thirdly, the Cheneys simply have to claim that Obama is following the Bush Administration’s policies he criticized pointing to his strategies in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo. In this case too, the media is manipulated as they ignore the fact that the Obama administration does not have the luxury of starting from scratch as Bush had on all these issues but rather adopts a “course correction strategy” of the situations to bring them as close as possible to what he advocates. The fact is that, the underlying strategy of Dick and her daughter is to make this three steps political trick extirpate Dick from the accusations levied against the former administration. The sad thing is that the media is “naïvely” falling for these political tricks!

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