The Paul Bunyan of National Security

The trouble with Dick Cheney is that he believes his own tall tales — and he wants everyone else to believe them, too:

Reporting from Washington — In the bitter debate over the nation’s counter-terrorism policies, former Vice President Dick Cheney has introduced an assertion that substantially raises the stakes.

Twice in the last two weeks — including during his speaking duel with President Obama on Thursday — Cheney has said that the Bush administration’s approach may have saved “hundreds of thousands” of lives.

It is a claim that goes beyond anything Cheney or former President George W. Bush said while in office — crediting their approach with preventing casualties on a scale that the United States has not seen since World War II.

But terrorism experts said that though it is possible to envision scenarios that involve casualties of that magnitude, no evidence has emerged about the plots disrupted during the Bush administration to suggest that Cheney’s claim is true.

“It’s an easy thing to say and a difficult thing to prove,” said Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University. “I think it’s another broadside in this ongoing feud.”

One Response to “The Paul Bunyan of National Security”

  1. toasterhands says:

    Cheney deferred the draft 5 times, he’s got zero room to talk.

    Conservatives have a habit of twisting around things to fall in line in their favor. Intelligent people realize Cheney is nothing but a warmonger, a coward, and a damn mean classless mofo.

    Ignorance is bliss.

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