Truth and Dick Cheney Are Not Even Nodding Acquaintances

Lawrence Wilkerson (former chief of staff to Colin Powell) has a must-read guest post at The Washington Note. He completely deflates Cheney’s “torture saves lives” argument:

First, more Americans were killed by terrorists on Cheney’s watch than on any other leader’s watch in US history. So his constant claim that no Americans were killed in the “seven and a half years” after 9/11 of his vice presidency takes on a new texture when one considers that fact. And it is a fact.

There was absolutely no policy priority attributed to al-Qa’ida by the Cheney-Bush administration in the months before 9/11. Counterterrorism czar Dick Clarke’s position was downgraded, al-Qa’ida was put in the background so as to emphasize Iraq, and the policy priorities were lowering taxes, abrogating the ABM Treaty and building ballistic missile defenses.

Second, the fact no attack has occurred on U.S. soil since 9/11–much touted by Cheney–is due almost entirely to the nation’s having deployed over 200,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and not to “the Cheney method of interrogation.”

Those troops have kept al-Qa’ida at bay, killed many of them, and certainly “fixed” them, as we say in military jargon. Plus, sadly enough, those 200,000 troops present a far more lucrative and close proximity target for al-Qa’ida than the United States homeland. Testimony to that fact is clear: almost 5,000 American troops have died, more Americans than died on 9/11. Of course, they are the type of Americans for whom Cheney hasn’t much use as he declared rather dramatically when he achieved no less than five draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

Third–and here comes the blistering fact–when Cheney claims that if President Obama stops “the Cheney method of interrogation and torture”, the nation will be in danger, he is perverting the facts once again. But in a very ironic way.

My investigations have revealed to me–vividly and clearly–that once the Abu Ghraib photographs were made public in the Spring of 2004, the CIA, its contractors, and everyone else involved in administering “the Cheney methods of interrogation”, simply shut down. Nada. Nothing. No torture or harsh techniques were employed by any U.S. interrogator. Period. People were too frightened by what might happen to them if they continued.

What I am saying is that no torture or harsh interrogation techniques were employed by any U.S. interrogator for the entire second term of Cheney-Bush, 2005-2009. So, if we are to believe the protestations of Dick Cheney, that Obama’s having shut down the “Cheney interrogation methods” will endanger the nation, what are we to say to Dick Cheney for having endangered the nation for the last four years of his vice presidency?

    5 Responses to “Truth and Dick Cheney Are Not Even Nodding Acquaintances”

    1. Jack Jodell says:

      Dick Cheney is unquestionably the most delusional, most paranoid, and most dishonest liar to ever serve in American politics. I thought Dick Nixon was bad, but Cheney makes Nixon look like a choirboy. Justice demands that Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush all go on trial, be convicted, and undergo Nuremberg-style sentences for the war crimes they all committed.

    2. Booogie-Mann says:

      Lawrence Wilkerson makes a purely political argument. He brings nothing new to light and conveniently leaves out a few facts on the time line. Firstly all the water boarding was done prior to 2004, all the information gained from the infamous 3 at Gitmo was gathered within a few months of their capture. Interrogators used the technique and it was working, the stopped because of Politics in the US.

      Wilkerson in a sense backs Cheney’s strategy of “better over there than on our home shores” by essentially admitting Al Qaeda’s front line of battle was in Iraq … thus limiting their resources to attack the US Homeland. Geez … isn’t that OBVIOUS??

      If new High Value or High Level Detainees get captured I wonder how interrogator’s will get information out of them?? Certainly some will be so fanatical, they will not give up information. What’s to be scared of ?? … they know all we can do is hold them in prison, feed them well, give them prayer mats, give them copies of the Koran, 4hrs a day outside time and special Ethnic Meals.

      Lawrence Wilkerson doesn’t know what the F*** he is talking about, hardly the intellect of Dick Cheney.

      Funny how fools like Jack Jodell can’t see who our real enemies are … he would proscribe harsher punishment for Bush than Bin Laden …

    3. tas says:

      B-M, just leave. OK? You’ve been trolling here for weeks now, nobody likes you, I’ve tried to do my best to make you feel as unwelcome as possible, but unfortunately you’re the kind of douchebag that seems to thrive off such treatment.

      I don’t know why fucks like you get off on visiting blogs where you’re obviously unwanted. Maybe you’re depressed or something. Maybe you don’t have any friends. Maybe you don’t have any sort of life or social outlet whatsoever besides trolling blogs. Maybe I’m mean to ask you to leave since, in effect, that’s asking you to take some joy out of your life. Maybe I’m just an asshole.

      But seriously, you’re unwanted here. That fact has been made clear countless times. Now I can’t delete your comments… Well, technically speaking, I can. I have the privileges to. But the powers that be who run this blog have decided that all are invited to participate in the comments section; a decision I vehemently disagreed with because it would foment an attitude where trolls would swing by and think they have the power to do whatever they want, driving away potential intelligent comments with their inane idiocy. So far, my assessments have been dead on the mark since there’s really no intelligent commenters here anymore. But I’ve lived up to the non-censorship promises of my masters here. Hell, when you fucking troll’s comments end up in the moderation queue, I’ve approved them to be published on the blog despite the fact that the comments are fucking dumb.

      But seriously, why do you still come here? Why do you troll a belong why nobody wants you to be? Is your life that fucking empty? Are you that much of a fucking loser?

      Please, stop the madness. Stop coming here. Go out and do something with your miserable existence.

    4. Kathy says:


      Thank you for reminding me that trolls discourage legitimate comments. You helped me get my act in gear. I have deleted all comments in this thread except for one of yours and one of tas’s for context, so people can see we are not going to allow one or two trolls from taking over a comment thread. And I left Jack Jodell’s comment, of course. He is not a troll and wasn’t even involved in this idiocy.

      This is what will happen from now on, on my posts at least, to anyone who consistently refuses to post on the substance of an issue as opposed to launching ad hominem attacks. We don’t have to agree with each other, but we do have to debate as mature adults and not name-calling children.

    5. uraidiot says:

      Are you kidding me??? Deleting comments?? Censorship at its finest. I’m reading these blogs and I am stunned that no one is even attempting to answer or debate boogieman. Is it because you can’t or because you won’t? He started with valid and legitimate arguments….do you guys just regurgitate MSNBC talking points or can you actually defend you stance??? Just curious…..don’t see a lot facts coming from you in your responses. Isn’t your tagline “loaning brain cells to those in need since 2003″….does that apply to only those who do not question your obviously superior intellect? Let’s see what you got…..

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