Who could have predicted this reaction?!

I have to hand it to Obama: The man is a political genius.  He nominates a hispanic woman to the Supreme Court and it took about 5.2 seconds before GOP pundits busted their prejudice nut nationally — that certainly sours the Republicans among a minority whose votes they need.

As usual, though, Glenn Beck’s comments on the matter prove to be the most precious.  After claiming Obama’s thought process on nominating Sotomayor consisted of the thought, “Hey, hispanic chick lady!  You’re empathetic … You’re in!,” Beck must have thought to himself, “Christ, I haven’t been prejudiced enough yet.”  So he drones on:

Look, the reason to celebrate today is we have an empathetic hispanic woman.  The reason to be pissed off is she’s not transgendered, and she is, you know..  She’s not handicapped, she’s not blind, she’s not in a wheelchair…  I don’t know if she has any kind of chemical imbalance.

In Beck’s mind, Obama has performed a half-measure with Sotomayor’s nomination.  Sure she’s a woman and a member of a minority, but she’s not transgendered.  Don’t liberals stick up for transgendered people?  Then isn’t Sotomayor’s nomination a slap in the face to that community!  And look, the bitch dares not to roll around in a wheelchair, either!  WTF, Obama?!  It’s almost like you’ve nominated a white person or something!  Because, as we all know, Obama and anyone else to the political left of Adolf Hitler simply panders to identity politics instead of making reasoned, rational decisions like, uh..  Glenn Beck does?

Yeah.  Right.

Hey Fox News, keep putting Glenn Beck in the spotlight.  You have no idea what favors that guy is performing for us right now.  Keep having Beck and the rest of these clowns refer to Sotomayor as “that hispanic chick” rather than a Princeton/Yale educated jurist, nominated by both Bush I and Clinton, who has served her country at the high levels of America’s judicial system for years.  Certainly people like Sotomayor don’t deserve to be treated with the same respect that is afford to a white man who receives this nomination.  Let Latin Americans know that they’ll never become anything more than “that hispanic chick” no matter what they do.  Because that’s not offensive or anything, right?

[Related side note: Troll comments to this post will be deleted.]

9 Responses to “Who could have predicted this reaction?!”

  1. karen says:

    Very well said!!!!!!

  2. Rodd D. says:

    Yea Repugnicans seem a bit unfair, course guys like Ted Kennedy and Biden started the ball rolling by unfairly attacking Bork and Thomas. Obama opposed 2 well qualified judges (Alito, Roberts). Overall Presidents of both parties should get their nominees.

  3. tas says:

    There’s a big difference between opposing nominees on ideological grounds (or disagreements with their opinions), and using racist language to write them off as a minority unworthy of such a nomination.

  4. Rodd D. says:

    I don’t see where Repugs are attacking her based on race, a few are mocking this Affirmative Action nominee though … like Beck. Do you deny that she’s been nominated because of her race?? I think she’s qualified but clearly an AA nominee. Ironically while Soto gets promoted due to her race, she sided against the Connecticut Firefighters because they were white. It will be interesting to see how this Firefighter Case does in the Supreme Court.

    Miguel Estrada was opposed strictly because of his race, Democrat Memo’s outline this, go research it. They found him dangerous because of his race. The attack on Clarence Thomas was racist, but veiled as some sexist thing .. do you remember the “pubic hair on a coke can”?? How sad, Thomas was trashed because of his Blackness, cloaked racist attack, and some people’s deep fear of Black Man sexuality.

    I don’t really see a difference here between the D and R’s. A case can be made that both parties have opposed nominees based on race, especially the Democrats, using their own words and actions. A case can be made that nominees are opposed based on ideological grounds as well. Tedd Kennedy set the standard on this through his horrible attack and lie filled speech about Bork. Search our “Robert Bork;s America” and tell me its not disgusting. Even the Liberal ABA gave Bork its highest possible rating.

    I’m kinda disturbed by Soto’s view about guns and the hypocrisy of her statement about making superior decisions as a judge then white men. Progressives would have gone nuts had Alito said the same but in reverse, surely a white guy could not make the same kinds of remarks as Soto and remain as a Judge. That seems unfair. Soto seems as qualified as any, but let’s not deny she’s a classic Affirmative Action appointee.

  5. tas says:

    Lord… Another troll giving people the run around. Been there, done that, don’t wish to again. I’ll just leave it at this.

    I don’t see where Repugs are attacking her based on race, a few are mocking this Affirmative Action nominee though …

    As if the irony wasn’t thick enough in that sentence, let me again quote Beck:

    Hey, hispanic chick lady! You’re empathetic … You’re in!

    There’s certainly no racially motivated commentary here. [rolling eyes]

    Even the Republican, Rupe owned Wall Street Journal has called your rhetoric out. Give up defending it.

  6. Rodd D. says:

    Well do you admit she’s an Affirmative Action Nominee?? C’mon, be honest here. Beck is just mocking Obama dude, don’t you see that? I’m a black man born in Atlanta, now live in California, I’ve benefited from AA, yea bro I’ll take it where I can get it, but also I’m sure I’ve lost out a time or 2 unfairly on jobs.

    Overall both parties oppose nominees based on ideology. Obama himself opposed Roberts/Alito for this reason. Isn’t that the truest statement here? I was kinda joking up above, just trying to make the point that the case can be made that Dems have opposed nominees due to race. I was feeling like the Dems pimped up Thomas for his race. I’m side with the Conservatives on Economics, don’t see where spending all this money is helping anything, saved jobs? What is that? C’mon now Obama’s plan and all this spendin ain’t working, almost 700k jobs lost last month. But those Repugnicas are kinda cold about helpin the poor, so I ain’t no fan of theirs neither.

    Isn’t it inevitable that you guys call anyone who opposes Sota a racist? She’s a Liberal, so of course Limbaugh’s gonna oppose her, but I don’t see where all these guys are racist. Did you give the ok to Alito or Roberts? Don’t call my a troll boy, I ain’t no troll, I’ve been called lots of names and aint’ likin that school boy potty mouth playah!!

  7. Booogie-Mann says:

    tas: With her gender and background, Sotomayor is just not as capable as White Men. I would hope that White Men, with their background and culture in America would reach better conclusions than a Latina Woman from Puerto Rico.

  8. tas says:

    BM: I’m too lazy to delete your comment right now. Doesn’t mean I’ll reply to it.

    Rodd: Sotomayor is Princeton and Yale educated, and has experience as a jurist on both district and appeals courts. I mean, come on.. This is all that’s asked of white candidates who are nominated. What makes Sotomayor different — the fact that she’s hispanic? That she’s not white? That she can be labeled as an “affirmative action” nomination just because of her race? The lady is qualified. Furthermore, maybe somebody with her perspective should be on the Supreme Court. How many times as a Supreme Court justice visited the South Bronx, nevermind lived there? I’ve never resided in the projects of the Bronx but I have visited there and it gives you a different perspective to think about. Instead of claiming that Sotomayor’s nomination is an example of affirmative action, maybe we should be wondering why the perspective of America’s poor isn’t represented in its highest judicial body.

    As for opposing somebody a nominee on ideological rather than racist grounds, that’s fine. Hell, from what some conservative groups have said about Sotomayor’s stance on abortion, I may end up opposing her. I think I need to hold my judgment until the hearings though, at least, so I can have an educated opinion.

    But to say that a judge who has served on the district an appeals court is an “affirmative action” nominee is a racist implication. Sotomayor is obviously qualified for the nomination (a hell of a lot more qualified than Harriett Miers ever was, I might add); denying this fact as “affirmative action” is racist.

  9. tas says:

    Ha! delete this tasshole …

    No problem. Or should I say “Da nada“?


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