A Far Right Wingnut Tells Us What “Liberal” Means

La Shawn Barber thinks Jeffrey Goldberg is “a liberal blogger.”


La Shawn also wants us to know she is not an appeaser:

(Detractors who called my Tiller post “gloating,” “twisted,” and “hateful” did so because I reminded readers that he killed infants for a living and because I didn’t publicly condemn Tiller’s murder. Unnecessary, as I condemn all acts of murder, especially murder of the unborn. I have no desire to appease anyone, especially people who think women have a right to slaughter babies in the womb. Take note that I haven’t publicly condemned the recruiter’s murder, either. Consequently, I’ll patiently await follow-up posts from liberal/pro-death bloggers declaring this post to be “gloating,” “twisted,” and “hateful” as well.)

Okay, I can see that La Shawn is extremely upset, and thus I would like to offer her reassurance on at least two points.

First, in this instance La Shawn’s patience will be rewarded: I can tell her, with complete and unalloyed sincerity and honesty, that her post today is just as gloating, twisted, and hateful as the post she wrote yesterday. I don’t think any reasonable, fair person could deny her that honor.

And second, I share La Shawn’s disinclination to appease anyone — especially people who think either women or men have the right to accuse any woman  of “slaughtering her baby in the womb” because, when faced with choices that are (a) heartbreaking, and (b) known only to that woman and her family, she chooses abortion.

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  1. Chief says:

    Thanks for the link to “A Heartbreaking Choice.” I hope it helps someone that is having difficulty.

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