An Affair Not to Remember

Senator John Ensign of Nevada has admitted to an affair with a campaign staffer last year. My view is that this is a personal matter that does not warrant a resignation or Congressional sanction. Certainly, voters who consider it relevant to character or charges of hypocrisy can take it into consideration at the next election.

I’m more bothered by the bad policy positions this guy supports.

UPDATE: I should’ve seen this coming.  It turns out that Ensign’s standard on these personal peccadilloes is to demand a resignation, as he did for Bill Clinton and Larry Craig.  Though when you factor in Ensign’s refusal to call for the resignation of David Vitter’s illegal consorting with prostitutes, you find he really has no standard other than what serves his political interests at a given moment.

What a jerk!

One Response to “An Affair Not to Remember”

  1. Jack Jodell says:

    Beware of politicians bearing messages of “family values”, as Mark Foley, Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Edwards, and now John Ensign abundantly prove. These people should get off their phony platforms and quit trying to legislate morality altogether.

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