Cat Killer Caught

The Miami cat killer has been caughtFrist & Cat.

Republican and former Senate Leader Bill Frist can breath a sigh of relief, though the cats of Tennessee remain in a state of fear.

10 Responses to “Cat Killer Caught”

  1. What disturbs me with this story is that once again in an effort to report the story first, there is no report on how people like this young man start off as murderers and torturers by killing and torturing animals first! THIS IS WHERE IT BEGINS!!!

  2. Kim Lambert says:

    This is a serial killer in the making!!!!!!! It should be a felony for animal abuse and lots of time. These freaks keep getting away with stuff like this and and nothing happens to them so they get worse and worse, you just watch, if they don’t give him a long time in jail, he will be a serial killer at some time.

  3. bretaz says:

    Hopefully he goes away for a long time. He obviously has a serious mental disorder. I am sure he has quite a colorful past, much of which we will never find out about. He would have soon been moving on to humans had he not been caught. We had a serial killer here a couple of years ago. He started off with pets as well.

  4. Macswain says:

    What? Serial killer? … or future Republican Senator.

  5. Will says:

    This is a great distraction from the fact that the economy is turning south and that Iran is actually a democracy. Wait what? A democratic nation is part of the “axis of evil”?

    How about we stop talking about this sick kid and start talking about prosecuting Bush for his war crimes?

    Oh, look over there! Shiny object!


  6. Macswain says:


    I admit it was a goofy post to throw up and it took all of about a minute. But why can’t we talk about sick kids, make jokes about Republicans and, also, take on larger issues like the economy and human rights abuse. We can do it all.

  7. Michael Hunt says:

    In china he would be called a chef. I guess it boils down to perspective. We gas them when they are not adopted. Millions are sacrificed to dog fighters. How much time did they get. What he did was sad but warrents nothing more than damages….

  8. sparks says:

    Michael Hunt
    Just curious how far does your logic extend. Should murderers go free because we have the death penalty not to mention abortion? Should we turn a blind eye to child rapists because priests do it and get away with it? Maybe the next time you’re in wal-mart grab that tv. on your way out don’t worry nobody will care I mean after all the government sticks it to us every day and gets away with it. Two wrongs never make a right. There are enough serial killers out here amongst us now putting one away before he progresses to human targets won’t make much difference to anyone except maybe his victims. But we won’t worry about that will we. Unless of course……

  9. alexandra says:

    I understand that what he did was cruel, what i can’t understand is how do you give him 158 years in prison , and give a child rapists a pat in that back how ironic is that?

  10. Robbin, I had *exactly* that thought the moment I read this story.

    And Alexandra, where or when did a child rapist get a “pat on the back”?

    What this young man did was a series of atrocities. It’s not just what he did to the cats, bad enough as that is. If one of those cats had been mine, I would have gone crazy. Imagine finding your beloved cat half skinned and lying dead on your lawn, okay?

    I could barely even read this article. I wanted to scream.

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