Closing the Circle

Thanks to Rush Limbaugh, we now know that Gov. Mark Sanford committed adultery because he was in despair over Pres. Obama’s handling of the economic crisis. But what we did not know until today was the answer to this question: What caused the economic crisis?

Are you listening?


Video via Darren Hutchinson.

One Response to “Closing the Circle”

  1. JohnHolmes says:

    Kathy, did you know that Limbaugh was talking partly in in Jest? Everyone knows the affair has nothing to do with Obama. I see what Limbaugh means when his commentary is taken out of context, purposefully in this case, by people who just don’t have a sense of humor or refuse to understand. Now at CFLF this 3rd hand reporting of Limbaugh’s show is indeed distorted.

    Cheap political points gained through a disingenuous manner … go listen to the show before you misrepresent it via Media Matters, Huff Post, or Olberdork.

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