For Grassley, Bipartisan Health Care Reform Means Placing Profits Before Health Care

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa laid down a bright line today saying health care reform that provides a public option will not be supported by Republicans.  Of course, we’ve long known that Bipartisanship for Republicans means caving in completely to whatever they want.

The Democrats have already walked away from single payer and now the Republicans want them to abandon the public option.

In return, the Republicans will agree to preserve the same shitty health care system which has generated massive profits for private health insurers and provided a health care system that lags inexcusably behind that of many other nations.  That is, they will compromise on absolutely nothing of substance.

Theda Skocpol makes a strong argument that the moment of truth is now upon Obama and the Democrats regarding health care reform.

3 Responses to “For Grassley, Bipartisan Health Care Reform Means Placing Profits Before Health Care”

  1. JohnHolmes says:

    Macswain: How does the US Health System lag behind others?

    Obama and Democrats promise foremost that their plan will save money, insure everyone and help the economy. I can’t think of a Government Program which has ever saved money nor been efficient. Under this plan I wonder if Ted Kennedy would qualify for the experimental/expensive treatment keeping him alive. What do you think?

    Currently, low Medicare payments to Doctors and Hospitals have to be subsidized by Private Insurance. The VA Government run Health Care system is antiquated and been criticized by Democrats in the past. Is this where we’re heading now??

  2. PeterNorth says:

    Ted Kennedy, Congress and the President would all be exempt from the required government program. FYI

    Grassley is actually putting FREE ENTERPRISE before government monopoly. What happened to insurance when medicare was introduced to “compete”? The government is going to reduce costs by providing the same service?? Think about that….the only way to reduce costs is to control how many people use cetain types of healthcare. In other words, rationing. I think Obama said it best when someone said during his health care ABC special when someone asked if Obama thought the government plan would have allowed his 105 year old grandmother to get a pacemaker when she was 100. Obama said, “….sometimes its better if a person like that just takes a pain pill.” IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

  3. Norris Hall says:

    You know why I am certain a public plan would be great for me.?
    Because every member of Congress has one.
    And you know that members of Congress aren’t going to stand for anything less than the best for them and their families.
    If it’s good enough for Congress…It’s good enough for me.

    I find it humorous to listen to folks like Senator Grassley rail against a public plan when you and I pay for $75 dollars out of every $100 dollars of HIS healthcare premiums

    Go to youtube and watch how defensive he got when a member of the audience asked him about that.

    His answer will just kill you!!!

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