From Wahhabis to Evangelicals

“If it is fair to blame the years of Wahhabist hate that spewed from Saudi clerics for at least part of the 9/11 outcome (and it is) then it’s also going to be fair to blame their American equivalent when domestic terror ramps up here.”

I don’t agree with everything Frank Schaeffer has to say here (I think some of his generalizations are too broad), but he hits close to the point for the most part.  Terrorism — whether domestic or international — is never a lone act.

5 Responses to “From Wahhabis to Evangelicals”

  1. I don’t think one can honestly compare shooting one Abortion Doctor to the hundreds of thousands who’ve been ripped to shreds or maimed via Islamic car bombings, shootings, suicide bombings in crowds of people, and beheadings. Its intellectually dishonest to make this comparison.

    Purportedly Schaeffer is a former Republican, giving him more “credibility” with the Huffington Post. Yet after a quick perusal of his work I can’t find anything Republican nor Conservative about the guy. He was never a Republican, probably just rode the bandwagon since the 94′ election … now it’s more convenient to be a Democrat.

    Hey, why wasn’t Michelle Obama in Saudi Arabia?
    What was the result of those European Elections?

  2. 9.4% Unemployment and nearly 2 million jobs lost since Obama took office. I don’t see where his Stimulus Plan nor TARP has helped anything, plus we have to pay the $$ back. When will CFLF highlight something other than extremist Republicans and Evil Evangelicals?? This is the worst Recession since 79′-80′. Tax cuts got us out of that Recession, today Obama is doing the exact opposite.

    Where is the Media on this?? Where are all the stories of Hardship?? Had Bush held a Press Conference where he talked about “Jobs Saved” … he would a been laughed out of the room, a folly for weeks, rightfully so. Yet Obama is allowed to get away with this incalculable notion of “saved Jobs”. Meanwhile as the Media turns its head away, thousands more people are losing their homes and jobs. Whatever happened to the Homeless count and all these sob stories the Media loves so much?? Not so, taboo during the era of Obama …

  3. opit says:

    Comparing activities in the U.S. with activities in the place the U.S. occupies and terrorizes is a bit of apples and oranges too. Not only are people more desperate and violent…they have lost their brightest and best.
    No water, no power, no sewage, no medical treatment…and repeated knocks on the door at crazy hours…or worse.
    Why is it always ‘Islamic’ car bombings ? We know people are paid to do crazy things and are also ready to raise holy hell to get the foreigners out…which would include Taliban fighters if they were left alone to do it. Nor are fanatics regular people.
    Then there are the heroes who don’t speak the language, don’t know the people, and are lost far from home with a virtual bulls-eye painted on them…except for their buddies with guns and gear.
    Seen this ?
    Regardless. Where’s the money coming from to kill strangers in far off lands when there’s none for food and shelter ? That’s the true Obamanation : not that GWB didn’t set it up.

  4. Interesting take opit, but you completely ignore my point. Rather you attempt to justify Islamic Violence in a rather cloaked manner … Islamic Violence against the US and itself was around long before this War in Iraq. We’ve spent billions of dollars in the Middle East to free the people of Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from Saddam’s violence. Saddam wanted an Empire including Kuwait and perhaps Saudi Arabia .. we didn’t but could. The things you describe above and outlined in the newamerica piece were the norm under Saddam for nearly 40 years. Where were you and newamerica then?? The people were terrorized, killed, tortured, and imprisoned. They lacked water, sewage, electricity and medical treatment as well. So what’s different opit?? The difference is now that the dark cloud of Saddam is gone, the people of Iraq have a chance at freedom and Liberty if they would just step up. All thanks to the dollars and blood from the USA. Yet, never a Thank You, just more bitchin.

    Islamic Extremists are responsible for Violence and War all over the World. Darfur, Phillipines, Indonesia, India, Palestine, Uk, USA, Spain etc. are examples of areas struck by Islamic Violence and War. Another bombing in Pakistan today killing over a dozen so far. Islam is a disgrace. Dufus’s like tas compare this to “extreme speech” and 1 shooting by the Right.

  5. Offensive right wing troll “scrotobaggins” sure manages a lot of dishonesty in just a few posts.

    They start off attempting to justify domestic terrorism by right wing terrorists, “in a rather cloaked manner”, by dismissing the assassination of Doctor as being numerically less than terrorism overseas.

    The murder of the Doctor was still terrorism, it was committed by a fanatic, and it was done amidst the violent right wing rhetoric that specifically targeted the Doctor with the equivalent of a Fatwa.

    From the the offensive right wing troll makes several false economic claims including falsely asserted that this is the worst recession since ’79-’80, sorry, this is the worst recession since recession that slide into the Great Depression.

    Clearly this right wing troll doesn’t have a clue as to what they are talking about but rather just spouting nonsense, a common affliction on the right.

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