Katherine Harris to Head Iran Recount

Katherine HarrisThe Khameini-led government in Iran has offered up a “partial” recount in an attempt to blunt the election protests.  The protesters, however, aren’t ready to accept an Iranian Katherine Harris.

Good for them.

6 Responses to “Katherine Harris to Head Iran Recount”

  1. Erik says:

    You left wing scum bags cannot accept that you lost. Get the fuck over it.

  2. JohnHolmes says:

    Harris and Palin are 2 nice looking Conservative women. The party of tolerance (the Democrats) and Progressives have done nothing but attack them for their looks, call them sluts, etc. You guys are hypocrites and pathetic.

    Shows me you don’t really care about women’s rights, only your progressive ideology.

  3. Macswain says:

    Erik … two words for you … Anger Management.

    John … I never called them sluts. Vacuous, dishonest and immoral … now that’s more like it. Just like the men who acted to undercut our democracy in Florida or who are pure political opportunists without principle (e.g. Newt). The fact that you think the only women who count must be “nice looking” and “conservative” says all we need to know about your view of women.

  4. JohnHolmes says:

    Palin and Harris are neither vacuous, dishonest, nor immoral…. are you confusing them with Hillary?? Harris simply certified the results of the election, and didn’t give in to Algore’s BS, which drove you guys nutz. Many Progressives and Liberals trashed Harris/Palin for their looks (which was my point), called them sluts, and stereotyped these self-made women as stupid or ditzy. Again, so much for women’s rights and you Progressives …….

    In case you forgot, all the Supreme Court did was rule that you can’t change the rules of an Election AFTER the election has taken place. Gore was the only one who wanted to throw out votes, those of out military … in addition he wanted to change the rules to allow for “interpretive voting” and dimpled ballots, etc. It was a mess, but in every recount Bush won by a couple hundred votes.

  5. JohnHolmes says:

    Too bad Obama couldn’t handle this economy the way he handled this fly:

    Also, what happened to “Transparency in Government” Obama promised?? Where’d the TARP money go?? Where’s the Stimulus Money at?? Who’s been visiting the White House?? … you guys bitched about Cheney’s meetings with Energy Companies .. wanted transcripts and such … well at least we knew who was there … now Obama refuses a Freedom of Information Act request for the White House Visitor’s log. Fail, Fail, and Fail.

  6. Arthur Buckner says:

    I’m not either a republican or democrat, but I’d vote for Katherine Harris just for the fact that her attractiveness is overwhelming to me. She is just so beautiful and intelligent. I think that it intimidates lots of men, she is just SO FINE!

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