Much Ado About Nothing

The blogs are afire today with the news that Dubya took a “swipe” at Obama’s policies.

I have no problem with ex-President’s continuing to debate policy issues, especially their policies as compared to the current President’s policy.  I even believe that when they make idiotic, strawman arguments like: “Therapy isn’t going to cause terrorists to change their mind.”  I think Bush is just reaffirming what a buffoon he really is and why we’re so fortunate to be done with this type of an intellectually dishonest President.

3 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. gcotharn says:

    GWB is not the POTUS any more, and is making every (if imperfect) effort to keep quiet and out of the spotlight, after making every effort to aid Senator Obama’s transition to President Obama. You could, fairly, praise GWB for having class; for doing his patriotic duty as he sees it. You could largely forget about GWB for a while and focus your attention on President Obama – especially since there are some things happening in the world, in the domestic economy, and in various IG offices of the U.S. Government, just to name a few items.

    But, no. You don’t praise Bush for doing his patriotic duty. In January, with actual news happening, you focus venom on an unimportant Blair House kerfuffle. From Jan forward, you bide your time until, in June, GWB finally gives an interview response which can be spit at, and so you do, feeling virtuous as heck about it.

    I think you are looking in the wrong direction. I think you ought turn 180 degrees and focus on what is happening in the world; on what is happening amongst the politicians who are actually in power and making decisions.

    It’s a pretty big deal that unemployment is worse than Pres. Obama said it would be if we did nothing. Have we spent ourselves into less employment? It’s a pretty big deal that VP Biden said “everyone guessed wrong” about how to fix the economy.

    It’s a pretty big deal that the President of the United States is siding with the ruling Iranian Mullahs over the Iranian people; is siding with the powerful and against the powerless; is siding with autocracy and against freedom; is siding with stasis and against change; is siding with rulers who are conducting an undeclared war against the U.S.A. for decades; is siding with rulers who send weapons and operatives into Iraq to kill Americans. It’s a pretty big deal that the POTUS – despite certainly knowing the Iranian election was a sham – is issuing statements praising “the robust debate” in Iran.

    The Chrysler wrecking of bankruptcy precedent is a pretty big deal which could wreck future investment.

    The firing and harassment of IGs, and the blatantly false allegations of Walpin’s senility, are a pretty big deal in terms of ruthless and unchecked power. Once again, President Obama is big government, and is crushing a little guy: Walpin, and a bunch of little taxpayers who are being defrauded by Kevin Johnson.

    And, of course, I could go on. There is a lot which could be looked at, yet you cast your eyes towards Dallas and Crawford, and lie in wait, like a rattlesnake, for GWB to say something, anything, in response to an interview question, which can give you opportunity to rattle your tail.

    You are looking in the wrong direction.

  2. gcotharn says:

    Six months from now, maybe around Thanksgiving, GWB will probably give another interview and say something else which can be disagreed with and criticized. You should be on the lookout. Be vigilant.

  3. JohnHolmes says:

    So far the policies and ideas of these “whizz kids” are nothing smart nor new. Obama/Geithner are failing us on many levels. Ideology over pragmatic solutions … acting like THEY are somehow smarter than everyone else and have all the ideas. Bush took a whack at Obama, kinda swatted him like that fly the other day, with some common sense soundbites vs the absurd which has become the norm … that’s how a lot of people see it Macswain, whether you like it or not. I’m a bit surprised that Bush said anything so soon … but considering the unprecedented attacks by Obama … I suppose I would speak out as well like Bush/Cheney.

    Only 53% of people voted for Obama hardly a mandate to change America the way he seems to want.

    I work in Manufacturing and every few years some overly educated College Professor with no real experience writes a book or holds a seminar claiming the solution to all our problems. Inevitably it’s just a rehash of some old shit repackaged under a new name, a whole “new” set of terms goes along with this new methodology. My years of experience in this field and the cyclical nature of it remind me of Obama/Geithner … a bunch of rookies with no tangible real life experience telling us all what to do and how.

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