Republicans Tell the Troops to “Fuck Off!”

Not really.

But remember when Republicans claimed a vote against a war funding bill, no matter the specifics of the bill and what other issues were included in it, was a vote against the troops.

Well now Republicans are the ones voting en masse against a war funding bill.  According to their logic, they are leaving the troops in the field without guns or bullets.  I know, that type of logic was ande is insane.  But what was truly amazing was how the traditional media willingly spun this crap out to the public with an air of legitimacy.

4 Responses to “Republicans Tell the Troops to “Fuck Off!””

  1. JohnHolmes says:

    Macswain, you’re being dishonest here … and you know it … the reason Republicans are against the bill is because all the Junk Democrats and Obama have thrown in this serious bill.

  2. Macswain says:

    Uhm … that’s exactly my point. The headline is sarcasm and the post plainly mocks the tactic of suggesting that someone who votes against a war funding bill is necessarily anti-troop as the Republicans despicably claimed of those who opposed such bills during the Bush years.

  3. JohnHolmes says:

    Well the difference is that Democrats didn’t want to fund the War they voted for !! … and now they see it as a way to pass Pork. So Republicans are against Pork being added to the bill. You guys bitch about body armor and up-armored humvees then vote against the funding!!

    Anyway, I actually agree with your overall premise that a vote against funding isn’t necessarily anti-troop. But when it came down to a vote, Democrats never had the guts to actually defund the war, rather they added silly measures like dates and timelines to hamstring our Generals and the Troops … undermine the War as much as possible …

  4. him says:

    The worst is the folks that say if you don’t support the war you hate the troops and by hating troops you’re unpatriotic and should die. Just because I think that Operation Sustaining Freedom failed and we should divide Iraq up(it shouldnt have been a country anyway) doesnt mean I hate America.

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