Sanford Admits to the Argentina Tango of Love

UPDATE NO. 2: The inevitable wave of hypocrisy is now starting to roll in … and, yes, Sanford called for Clinton’s resignation.

UPDATE NO. 1:  Kos says:

Few things infuriate me more than philandering politicians dragging out their wives at their apology press conferences (like Spitzer and Vitter). So at the very least, I’ll give Sanford credit for not trying to put his wife through that hell.

I, too, hate having the wives up next to these guys at these mea culpas.  I suspect, though, that Mrs. Sanford’s absence was more likely the result of her decision than his.


Governor Sanford has admitted to an affair in Argentina.  His mea culpa struck me as sincere.  As I previously stated, an affair is a personal matter for the family involved and I don’t believe having one requires a resignation.  Politicians are humans and our number one factor in choosing a leader should be policy positions.  I say this, however, without knowing what Sanford’s public standard was on others’ personal peccadilloes.

His dereliction of duty to the people of South Carolina for not placing an appropriate person in charge during his absence is concerning and something for South Carolinians to address.

3 Responses to “Sanford Admits to the Argentina Tango of Love”

  1. DrGail says:

    Perhaps he was sincere, perhaps he wasn’t. Given all the lies he has spun over the last several days, though, just what makes you believe he was telling the truth this time?

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    If this is true, it is indeed a personal and private matter; a human tragedy which must be worked out at the family level. But on a political level, it is just a case of another phony Republican who preaches honesty and family values, but practices deceit and screwing around in reality. (Not that the Democrats don’t also engage in such indicertion, but at least they aren’t marching around with flashing neon moralistic messages on their sleeves for all to see). Pathetic! Forget David Letterman—parents, you had best keep your daghters away from all Republicans!

  3. Macswain says:


    I was under the impression the lies – Appalachian Trail – came from his staff and not him. I could be wrong. Moreover, I was judging his sincerity from his demeanor. I readily I admit I could be wrong. The guy could be a sociopath.

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