Sanford Story Makes No Sense

UPDATE: Apparently, the Appalachian Trail now passes through the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta and is more about flying than “hiking.”


CNN has a post up announcing “Mystery Solved: South Carolina Governor Taking a Hike.”  A Sanford spokesperson claims that the Governor is simply out taking a hike on the Appalachian Trail.  The story is oddly optimistic given its one glaring omission … Sanford hasn’t been found.  No one still knows just where he is.

Josh has a post up on some of the oddities with the whole story.  One thing he overlooks, however, is how strange the notion that Sanford has been off on a “hike” for 4 nights going on 5 is.  That’s not a hike.  That’s a big-time backpacking trip.

As one who has been on numerous backpacking trips – mostly of the 2 or 3 night variety (once even on the Appalachian Trail) – let me tell you that a 4-5 night backpacking trip is a major undertaking that requires planning and preparation.  Also, even though I’m not a Governor of any State, I always left my planned itinerary with someone in the event I was needed in case of emergency or got lost.

And wouldn’t the guy have wanted to spend Father’s Day with his four kids?

This doesn’t smell right.  Let’s just hope something awry has not occurred and that the Governor is safe.

10 Responses to “Sanford Story Makes No Sense”

  1. jackiem says:

    “hmmmmmmm…..after all, he is a politician, can any of them be trust worthy anymore”!

  2. carlyt says:

    It appears the governor is somewhat unstable. There is a related post at

  3. Catherine Lindquist says:

    Umm….he decides according to the wife “to space some away time from the kids”??? Remember this guy is supposedly a father and he wants “away time “from the kids on Father’s Day? He also doesn’t have any contact with his wife? C’mon folks this story is old…..I seem to remember a similiar story. Father not around on Father’s Day…wife saying it was to get away…only this was a Senator and he was having a hooting high time of it with his Mistress on some island. A lot of assuming going on here but lets assume the aforementioned senerio…first, the kids need to put all the gifts in a box and mark it “Dad” and put it in his closet (so he can find it years later and really feel like a jerk….right now he won’t appreciate it…he hasn’t lost his family yet….you never appreicate what you have until it’s gone…the kids won’t have time for him later anyway so maybe this will give him a clue as to what happened ). Second, wife needs a very good lawyer (not one from South Carolina either…as he probably knows everyone) and an “A” number one investigator (not to find out if he really is out and about….the news reporters will find that out)….an investigator with auditing skills…a finder of monetary and financial gains and losses since the marriage began. As for the poor “lost hiker”….well I don’t think he really liked the decor at the mansion anway.To the citizens of this beautiful and wonderful state….you guys really need to do some checking to see what else he has been keeping “in the dark” . Anyone who can “runaway from all his responsibilities ” and he has pretty much shown that both personal and professionally…..really doesn’t need to be in charge of anything. He has no control at this point especially now that the media has gotten a hold of it….and this will greatly affect his decision making capabilities. In fact this could be constrewed as a violation of his oath of office from his non-supporters and in some states impeachment procedures would already be in full swing. He really should not have let his private life interfere with his professional life. The other senerio is that something really has happened to this guy (in which case …won’t we all really feel like total jerks for thinking anything else) and it is being covered up by the person or person’s responsible. The longer it takes to find him the less evidence there will be. Good luck to all and let’s just hope that this “hot mess” really is just that a “hot mess” that will play itself out and not a “hot mystery” that will be talked about for years to come.

  4. SC Resident says:

    Chill people! Our governor is not a whoosy like most governors and he can handle things without anyone holding his hand or trailing along behind him. He deserves a break now and then just like everyone else. No matter what you read or hear from the Press I can assure you he was not “missing” … Mark Sanford can take care of himself.

  5. backpackerbill says:

    Even 2 to 3 night backpackers arfen’t experienced. Even on the AT. If you were a real backpacker you’d understand completely! I understand! Trail “therapy” is far more effective than shrinks’ $$$$. Being under attack by libs for as long as he was it is easy to comprehend why. As Gov he has enough staff and help to put together more than a five day hike. Come-on 2-or-3-nighters! Get off it! Try a few weeks at a time in the woods and see what you really need. And AT is loaded with folks trooping every fifty feet or so! No possibility of getting lost or even in trouble. If you are a lib you’ll like McCarthy find a “smell” under every event. Get off his back. If he were an Obomma, you wouldn’t be seeing so much suspicion!

  6. mickarran says:

    Maybe if Republicans told the truth occasionally and were coherent once a year or so we wouldn’t be so suspicious of what they say.

  7. Jack Jodell says:

    Haaaa—this smacks of a sinister secret meeting with that fiend Dick Cheney at an undisclosed site!

  8. JohnHolmes says:

    This is the most unimportant story being covered by the Liberal Media … like you guys really care about Gov Sanford. Other more important topics deserve attention, I just don’t get the curiosity with this one.

    Besides, where’s Hillary Clinton ??
    Where’s Gov. Kaine ??

  9. Macswain says:

    One wonders if backpackerbill might be feeling a wee bit foolish for swallowing the “Appalachian Trial” story hook, line and sinker. Gullibility is a quality Republicans love in their voting base.

  10. Ruben Paul Slater III says:

    On the Sanford Scandal:
    This is indicative of the flawed human condition and our need to maintain our spiritual focus towards God. Great men fall the hardest…Like a plane; they cannot forget the source of their uplift; the Wind beneath their wings that has carried them to great heights in many cases…Forget about God and Tailspin…to a crash.

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