Sanford: “the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself)”


I kid you not … Sanford fell in love with “a girl named Maria” and The State newspaper of South Carolina has emails from Sanford to Maria (that it states were obtained in December … huh?).

Let’s just say we are now delving into bad poetry or … er … porn.  Here’s a couple of snippets:

You have a particular grace and calm that I adore. You have a level of sophistication that so fitting with your beauty. I could digress and say that you have the ability to give magnificent gentle kisses, or that I love your tan lines or that I love the curve of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself) in the faded glow of the night’s light – but hey, that would be going into sexual details …


In the meantime please sleep soundly knowing that despite the best efforts of my head my heart cries out for you, your voice, your body, the touch of your lips, the touch of your finger tips and an even deeper connection to your soul.


One Response to “Sanford: “the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself)””

  1. JohnHolmes says:

    Sounds like Sean Penn whispering to Hugo Chavez …

    Yea, Sanford is a hypocrite and I doubt he’ll get re-elected. He is hypocritical, as are Progressives on here who likened the Lewinsky scandal to a private matter.

    Rather than focus on Republicans (who are not in power) I wonder when CFLF will discuss any Obama policy on here? Seems a lot is taking place all around us and all you guys do is focus on attack politics and divisiveness the politics of the past which your leader himslef Obama himself has disavowed ….

    The TARP money is missing, the economy is in shambles, Obama wants to tax health benefits, Banks are not lending, Obama’s homeowner refi policy is not working, Obama fired an Inspector General investigating an Obama supporter, N. Korea is threatening the USA, Citibank is bankrupt but raising salaries, Stimulus money is being wasted, did the Somali Pirates disappear?, Unemployment in CA is 11.5%, etc.

    Obama is playing golf and holding lavish celebrity parties while the ship sinks. Can anyone here defend or criticize an Obama policy?

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