Froomkin Out, Elitists In

The story breaking all over the blogs right now concerns the Washington Post’s effort to sell access to its reporters and government officials.

Of course, it’s absurd.  It’s also further proof of the elitist nature of the insider-only Washington media dominated by the Post.

DougJ at Balloon Juice nails it: “It’s time to stop pretending that elite national media does anything other than represent wealthy interests, isn’t it?”

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: After writing this, I noticed that Mike Allen at The Politico has updated the story reporting that the WaPo Newsroom is in an uproar and threatening nonparticipation in management’s plan.

One Response to “Froomkin Out, Elitists In”

  1. JohnHolmes says:

    Absurd?? No, it’s not absurd … the Post was going to sell access but got busted. What a disgrace, the Post and Obama were going to pat each others backs for cash …

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