Obama Is Like Hitler, and U.S. Is Like Nazi Germany, Which Is Like Venezuela Under Chavez

That is the premise, apparently, of intellectual giant Jim DeMint’s new book, Saving Freedom:

Last night, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) gave a short talk and Q&A at at the National Press Club about his book “Saving Freedom.” DeMint told a room of around 100 people about a conversation he’d had with an Iranian immigrant who was panicking about the surge of government spending and control under President Obama and the Democrats. Americans should listen to immigrants like her, said DeMint.

They understand socialism. They understand tyrants. But none of us have ever had it here. We don’t even know what it looks like. Part of what we’re trying to do in “Saving Freedom” is just show that where we are, we’re about where Germany was before World War II where they became a social democracy. You still had votes but the votes were just power grabs like you see in Iran, and other places in South America, like Chavez is running down in Venezuela. People become more dependent on the government so that they’re easy to manipulate. And they keep voting for more government because that’s where their security is. When our immigrants get here, they’re worried, because they see it happening here.

DeMint worried that it was the “eleventh hour” for freedom, but he disputed a question from a man who wondered if America was ripe for another revolution. “The reason I’m convinced we can do this in a civilized way is that I’ve seen, on a number of issues, that when people get informed and want to change their government, the government will change.”

Ed Kilgore: “It’s probably a mistake to devote more thought to analyzing remarks by Jim DeMint than the senator put into uttering them.”

Matthew Yglesias: “Social Democrats stand for a generous welfare state and active labor market policies. Nazis try to conquer the world and send people to the gas chamber. Jonah Goldberg aside, this is not a subtle distinction.”

Steve Benen: “I’ll just take this opportunity to suggest that while Democratic leaders continue to reach out to Republicans to form ‘bipartisan consensus’ on key issues, perhaps DeMint should be excluded from the discussions.”

Dr. Steven Taylor: “No, no we’re not. Not even close.” [Like Germany before World War II.]

Blue Texan:

It’s important to remember that when Dick Durbin condemned the illegal torture at Gitmo, he was forced into a tearful public apology for “comparing our men and women in uniform to the Nazis.”

Somehow I doubt DeMint — who’s previously publicly agitated for an insurrection — will get the same treatment.

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  1. opit says:

    The web is a funny place. I seem to have a habit of picking up on themes as others are also. My results may differ, however. Naomi Klein is hardly the only one writing about strange goings-on in this place that has fancied itself a bulwark of ‘freedom’…even while killing ‘yellow people’. The domestic scene is barren of accountability.


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