Palin Says: “Show Me the Money!!!”

UPDATE: There are rumors that Palin resigned because of a corruption investigation.  These rumors come from the ever-credible “anonymous sources.”  Absent specific evidence and/or a credible on-the-record source, such rumors should have no value.


Kathy posted below about Sarah Palin’s announcement, as expected, that she will not run for reelection as Governor of Alaska … and her surprise announcement that she will resign with 18 months left on her term.

The discussion across the blogs appears to be whether this is a good move for a Presidential run in 2012.

I’m not sure that’s the real issue.  The one thing the early retirement is undoubtedly a good move for is the Palin Family’s economics.  She is now free to cash-in big time.  The value of her celebrity is still high and why risk waiting to find out where that value will be in 18 months.  She can now go all Hollywood (a euphemism for selling one’s celebrity) and set herself and her family up financially forever.

Who wants to deal with paying back the State of Alaska for your kids’ travel when you can be collecting millions for books, endorsements, speaking fees, etc.

Isn’t the most obvious motive for this move the money?

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  1. Jeff Garner says:

    You know, I think you have a point. I mean, she could do some speaking arrangements, may even get to host her own show, and get paid potentially millions of dollars a year. But I will have lost all respect for her if that is her motive.

    She was elected by the people of Alaska to run their state. They never anticipated the governor would not be serving a full term. If they were aware this was possible, potentially they would have cast their right to a vote on somebody else, but who knows?

    And on top of that, she is letting her party down. She was made famous by being selected as a running mate by the Republican party. If your estimate is correct, she would be using that celebrity to gain financially, which REQUIRES her to leave office, thus letting her people down.

    Good leaders choose the people over themselves, that’s a rule. What Sarah Palin did sure was legal, but it was so uninspiring and so irresponsible that we now know why the Founding fathers were so jealous to protect the people from government. If a Palin were in a different system of government that didn’t require separation of powers, we would be in an incredibly sad and probably – tragic – world.

    I am a republican and would never vote for Sarah Palin. I would never vote for someone who has let her people down. A governor never resigns for a lucrative career. A governor stands up in front of her people, and at least tells them what they need to hear, not what she *wants* to. You know, leadership used to be different. People used to give up their individual wants for the good of all their people. Sure, they would eventually die like the rest of us, but they died as revered and honest.

    If she left because of an investigation, she should allude to it. She should be honest. No more George Bush straight legal plays. It’s time to be honest and let the laws fall where they may. This is about the people and who should be leading the people, not how you can let the people down. This is an entire *state* she’s letting down, for no reason at all. That’s ashame. An individual who doesn’t value giving a reason for actions is definitely not someone I want being commander-IN-chief. Reasons help people move on. Vagueness just makes people feel anxious. If she does run for president, I will personally make sure she loses. I will blast the internet with rhetoric politics hasn’t even seen. If she goes for money, continues to not give a reason, and runs for president, she will face everything I have to throw at her. She already would be theoretically running against Obama, but whoever it would be, I would guanantee Sarah Palin will not win but will only be set-back by heart-break and inferiority.

    But if she’s doing it to be completely honest and nothing more, then it’s OK. Still no good reason to resign without any reason at all, that is unforgivable as a governor. But as a person, it’s acceptable and have a nice life helping the people. BUT if you did leave your post with 18 months left, you should seriously be considered AWOL by the United States government. Barring some significant even, you have a DUTY to protect your people, NOT an OPTION. You HAD the OPTION when you RAN for GOVERNOR. NOW THAT YOU RAN, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE OPTION TO LEAVE UNLESS SOMETHING INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT COMES UP THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY NEED TO LEAVE YOUR PEOPLE FOR.


  2. Ron says:

    Following the surprise Palin announcement, website supporters are gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at

    Our the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

  3. kris says:

    Very scary actually to think of Palin with megabucks and all the crazy dumb voters out there. I remember with nostalgia my belief that no one would vote for an actor! Live and learn. Unfortunately, americans will vote for anyone. I am hoping hoping hoping for the scandal.

  4. Jack Jodell says:

    This Ma Kettle of the North, along with the entire Palin clan, would do us all a great favor by disappearing into the Bering Sea. What a bunch of misfit morons. GIVE US A BREAK, PALIN—SHUT UP FOREVER!!!!!

  5. JohnHolmes says:

    I’m puzzled by Palin’s resignation, I think it was a bad move. Continuing as Governor would have helped her Resume. She did mention 500k in Legal bills as contributing to her decision. Thus far all the multitude of frivolous allegations by Democrats has resulted in NOTHING … ZERO. Which makes me really question the ethics of Democrats in Alaska.

    Seems there was a flood of unsubstantiated allegations out there, leveled for political purposes, and resulting in costly litigation/investigations. Meanwhile Congress is spending extreme amounts on Travel during this summer recess … all while their constituents are scaling back and Treasury is Bankrupt.

    The months of cheap personal and political attacks by the Left on Palin was unprecedented. The Press was unrelenting towards this woman for gender and ideological reasons. The double standards applied are appalling. It’s disgusting and ongoing to this day. Hell, the Media uncovered more on Palin’s background than Obama !!

    Democrats and Progressives should be ashamed of their behavior towards Palin, but unfortunately standards and ethics are not part of the Progressive playbook. The Ted Stevens debacle is another dishonest Democrat inspired investigation which resulted in zip .. except another Rat seat for them in Congress.

  6. VoteTheDay says:

    The reasons of Palin resignation are controversial. What could be the real cause of her decision? Vote on the most possible one –

  7. JohnHolmes says:

    She probably needs the money to pay Legal Bills which have run up due to frivolous charges leveled by Democrats, for Political purposes of course.

    I’m very disappointed by Palin’s decision, but not as disgusted as I am by all the sexist, bigoted attacks by Liberals against this fine all-American woman.

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