The Ugly American

While signing autographs, “Joe” Wurzelbacher told Texas tea partyers today that he favors using government money to deport the 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States:

While protesting government spending at Houston’s Independence Day Tea Party, Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher stated that American taxpayer dollars would be best spent on the mass deportation of 12 million undocumented immigrants:

WURZELBACHER: I believe in making sure our country is safe first. I believe we need to spend a little more on illegal immigrants. Get them the hell out of our damn country and close the borders down. We can do it. We’ve got the greatest military in the world and you’re telling me we can’t close our borders? — That’s just ridiculous.

Michael Stickings definitely has a reaction.

David Neiwert has more on the kaleidoscopic collection of right-wing lunatic fringe thinkers at this latest round of Tea Parties.

One Response to “The Ugly American”

  1. JohnHolmes says:

    Well then Kathy when, if ever is the US going to control its border? I thought you cared about the Law Kathy?? Are you for open borders?? We’ve already had one Amnesty with the promise that the border would be tightened. Amnesty happened but the Border and Immigration Control promises didn’t, of course.

    In California the Illegals cost taxpayers billions extra each year in new school construction, additional teachers, special education/language programs, health care, uninsured motorists, government services, prison/legal expenses .. I could go on and on … plenty of Americans are disgusted, we’ve had enough of the $$ burden, the flood of illegals, the attack on our language, the attack on our culture, and the lies of State, Federal, and Local Governments which ignore the issue altogether or tie their own hands and refuse to do anything. I suppose you will deny that Illegals are a net drain on the economy, probably doesn’t affect you wherever you live so it’s easier to call others hysterical or racist rather than honestly address immigration.

    I don’t blame people for wanting to come here but I do blame our policy makers and Law Enforcement who act as enablers. All illegals left family and friends to live in the USA. Given this fact, returning people is not inhumane. My policy would be to return any illegal who cannot prove they have been here 5yrs or more. Some of this would be forced returns, while others would eventually leave because I would crack down on Citizenship Verification in hiring.

    Immigrants are welcome, I would further restrict the numbers, but it’s time to think of America’s best interest FIRST.

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