The Voices in Marty Peretz’s Head

Pres. Obama has nominated Dr. Francis Collins, a geneticist who headed the Human Genome Project, to fill the top spot at the National Institutes of Health. Collins is certainly qualified for such a position, and the response to his nomination has generally been positive. However, Gardner Harris, who wrote the New York Times article about the nomination, makes one mention in a single paragraph that some discomfort was expressed about Dr. Collins’ overt religiosity (he wrote a book called The Language of God in which he argues that the human genetic code is evidence for the existence of God) — and that was enough to set off the “left-liberal anti-religion martyrology” alarm system in Marty Peretz’s head:

Marty “The Wedding Singer” Peretz writes:

“Christian Believers Would Be Excluded From Government If The Left Liberals Had Their Way”

If they weren’t believers, they wouldn’t be Christians. And if they weren’t liberals, they wouldn’t be on the left.

And how exactly did Barack Obama, who identifies himself as a Christian, become President without the the support of “The Left Liberals?” By the unanimous vote of The Right Conservatives?

But Marty’s headline isn’t the worst piece in his monument to crap. Neither Spinnin’ Marty nor the NYT article to which he links identifies a single Left Liberal who would exclude the subject of the post, Dr. Francis Collins, from government service because of his religious affiliation or beliefs. The article says that “some in the field [presumably, other geneticists]” express “unease” about Collins’ evangelism. It doesn’t say that those unnamed persons are Left Liberals (as opposed to Right-Wing Jews or Moderate Jehovah’s Witnesses or Apolitical Atheists or Mind-Your-Own-Damn-Business Canadians).

Peretz himself offers no evidence for his repetitive thesis. He just pulls it out of his rectal posterior ass.

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