Boycott Whole Foods?

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, right an op-ed trashing healthcare reform to the ire of progressives.  As ABC Reports, many progressives are now considering whether they should continue spending their money at a business being run by someone openly hostile to a key progressive political cause.  [UPDATE: Daily Kos has more on a progressive boycott of Whole Foods].

In principle, I don’t believe there should be economic boycots based on political speech that doesn’t rise to the level of hate speech or the like.

In reality, there are large scale boycotts by rightwing corporate America of progressive media outlets and rightwingers have no qualms about boycotting progressive business owners.  Even an 11 year old girl who dared ask President Obama a friendly question is being targeted by the right.

So while I certainly don’t believe we should ever go to the right’s level of attacking kids (e.g. Limbaugh and McCain’s trashing of Chelsea Clinton), I do wonder at what point we bring some of our political power, in the form of purchasing power, to bear on those who actively oppose our causes.

For now, I sure wish that ABC would report on how corporation’s use their economic might to support rightwing views and to undercut liberal views.

7 Responses to “Boycott Whole Foods?”

  1. johnholmes says:

    Ugh, you guys did sink to the lowest level by attacking kids .. Palin’s kids and Dick Cheney’s LGBT Daughter. Progressives cannot claim the moral high ground here.

    As for Whole Foods, good for him speaking his mind. Too many Corporate types keep quiet about these issues that affect them and us. Libs seem to want to boycott anything they disagree with. Corporations may not sponsor CNN or MSNBC or Air America because of their low ratings … not ideaology.

    I’ve heard on numerous occasions Limbaugh saying Chelsea Clinton seemed like a nice kid, and that Obama’s little girls seem nice too … so I don’t know which misquote you are talking about.

  2. A WFM Employee says:

    I respect everyone’s opinion and I do not question your convictions. All I ask is before you boycott, please take into consideration the employees of Whole Foods. We are people like yourselves who really need our jobs and the health insurance the company provides.

    Thank you.

  3. VH says:

    WFM Employee–I feel bad for you and your fellow workers. You will all witness the irrational wrath that brought us Bush Derangement Syndrome.

  4. libhomo says:

    The boycott has been quite educational for me. Before now, I didn’t realize that Whole Paycheck was a union busting corporation that treats its employees like crap. I also didn’t realize that this was the same CEO who cut back health benefits for his employees.

    Now, I know not to shop at Whole Foods. It least my local supermarket is union.

  5. Leonidas says:

    The political left claimed that they wanted an open discussion, so what happens when someone takes them up on their offer and makes a proposal like John Mackey did in his op-ed?

    Why a progressive boycott.

    And you wonder why Conservatives are reluctant to believe you.

  6. Sandra Hayward says:

    Loan me brain cells…? No thanks. I prefer my brain cells free and clean of whatever you’re smoking!

  7. womano says:

    Please send someone to your Memphis store to talk to employees and you will find out how your employees are being treated,they love there jobs and trying their best to hold on to it.Dogs get tired,why can’t we be treated fairly we are people with a family to. HELP


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