Free Speech Tears Are Only for CEOs, Not Employees

Another point I’ve been thinking about regarding the Whole Foods boycott is the double standard of defending CEO John Mackey on the grounds that a boycott chills free speech while saying nothing of the numerous employees who have been fired over the years for speaking on line.

CNN posts an interesting story today regarding bloggers who have been fired after their identities have been revealed.

I haven’t seen anything from the righties defending Mackey applying the same standards to corporate speech firings of employees, corporate advertising boycotts against liberal media shows or even the rightwing boycott of the Dixie Chicks, for that matter.

2 Responses to “Free Speech Tears Are Only for CEOs, Not Employees”

  1. John Holmes says:

    Both sides complain about the other’s boycott … one persons hero is anothers villan …

  2. John Holmes says:

    Where are all the Civil Libertarians out there? I’d think they’d be out protecting these Bloggers .. sad state of affairs when people get drawn into court for posting something on a Blog.


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