How’s a White Man with a Sign Treated at the McCaskill Town Hall?

Here’s the video:


Clearly, a double standard.

Shame on the police.  Shame on those who cheered the criminal act of the man who grabbed and crumpled up the Rosa Parks poster.  And … Shame on Senator McCaskill who I saw on TV solely blaming the black woman involved.

3 Responses to “How’s a White Man with a Sign Treated at the McCaskill Town Hall?”

  1. johnholmes says:

    More imposters on the Left adding fuel to this alleged flame of hate:,2933,539445,00.html?test=latestnews

  2. johnholmes says:

    Progressives do this kind of stuff all the time to other people’s signs, etc. During Bush’s term you guys made constant comparison’s to Hitler yet the Media didn’t make a big deal about it. Your side spewed some very angry, mean, mob-rhetoric during the Bush years. Progressives even made a movie where Bush was assassinated, but that was “free thought”.

    Why does it matter that she was black and he was white? I’d like to see what was on her sign before drawing any conclusions. When security sees a scuffle they usually take BOTH parties away and sort it out later. That’s what happened, Security wasn’t concerned about Race but you are. Their main priority is secluding those involved first.

    What do you think of the SEIU member who kicked and trampled a Black man ?

  3. captainkona says:

    We’ll Holmes, looks like you really are just a big dick.

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