It’s Not About Healthcare

The rightwing rampage that’s being unleashed at the various Town Halls taking place to discuss healthcare isn’t really about healthcare but about an easily accessible venue for the rightwing’s most ideological to let loosde their collective angst at having a Democratic President.

After eight years of arrogance toward the left and watching their ideas – both in foreign policy and on economics – bring this country down, they need a heavy dose of scream therapy in the face of their powerlessness.

On the other hand, I think the Obama administration is screwing up the whole healthcare thing by having excluded single-payer from the debate and by caving on the public option and negotiated prescription drug prices for Medicare.  Without any of these items, we progressives are simply not impassioned to support the healthcare reform.  To the extent, Rahm, Obama and others in the administration thought this would buy them peace on the right, they are sorely mistaken.

It’s not about healthcare to the far righties.  Here’s a little secret someone needs to let Obama in on.  They are going to hate you and oppose you no matter what you do.  So you should have used your political capital on something worthwhile.

But hey … wasn’t that the politics of the Democrats throughout the Bush years.

6 Responses to “It’s Not About Healthcare”

  1. johnholmes says:

    No MacSwain, people are worried that the USA will become like Canada or the UK when it comes to Health Care. Waiting 6 months for an MRI is not my idea of quality care. The only Hubris on display here comes from your side. Our system provides the highest quality of any system in the World. Dumbasses like you and Michael Moore claim Cuba has a better system … well in Cuba there is even a waiting list for Toilet Paper !! No Shit, check the news .. great system there … yet still Progressives and Democrats think they know what’s best for us (ie: Hubris).

    I agree there are issues with the current system. My Private Insurance costs more because it subsidizes the Uninsured, Illegal Aliens, and Medicare. A recent broken nose in our family took 2 X-Rays and less than 15 minutes of a Doctor’s time all at a cost of $4800 bucks. What’s up with that?? Geez …

    But calling names like Nancy Pelosi did (ie: Astroturf and Un-American) is inexcusable. Certainly this doesn’t help the debate, but I guess your side doesn’t want any debate … just ram it down our throats and force us to pay into your system. Social Security, Medicare, and the National Budget are all in the Red .. yet the Democrats and Progressives want to tackle MY Health Care and claim to save money?? Is this a Joke??

    I find it extremely hypocritical and dishonest for Liberals to get upset by protests and passionate Town Hall meetings when you guys practically invented the Protest and disruption!! How many pies has Code Pink thrown in the faces of Conservatives, disrupting Conservatives on College Campus’s and during speeches. At the G8 and WTO meetings you guys set fires, break windows, and start riots. You guys are complete Hypocrites !!

  2. johnholmes says:

    Socialist Cuban Health Care system, the best in the World .. runs short on ass-wipes .. Michael Moore force to fly to Canada …

  3. Dutch says:

    I’ve suggested to my conservative friends that they speak to their mental health specialist about Obama Derangement Syndrome.

  4. johnholmes says:

    No Dutch it’s not ODS … we just read the bill …

  5. freedomfighter says:

    I can manage my money better than Washington, just let us keep wat we earn & make the lazy go to work. Name one thing Gov. does efficiently, hammers $600, toilet seats $500, canned hams $.50 lb more stores. Gov. promises everything then just makes people dependant to then, not better.

  6. VH says:

    It’s not the Republicans Obama and the Democrats should be worried about, it’s the independent voter who has started to lose faith in ObamaCare.

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