Legalize It!

In The Washington Post, Two former Baltimore police officers set forth their argument for the legalization of drugs.  You should read the whole thing, but here are a couple of ‘graphs to give you a taste of an argument I find persuasive:

Cities and states license beer and tobacco sellers to control where, when and to whom drugs are sold. Ending Prohibition saved lives because it took gangsters out of the game. Regulated alcohol doesn’t work perfectly, but it works well enough. Prescription drugs are regulated, and while there is a huge problem with abuse, at least a system of distribution involving doctors and pharmacists works without violence and high-volume incarceration. Regulating drugs would work similarly: not a cure-all, but a vast improvement on the status quo.
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Drug manufacturing and distribution is too dangerous to remain in the hands of unregulated criminals. Drug distribution needs to be the combined responsibility of doctors, the government, and a legal and regulated free market. This simple step would quickly eliminate the greatest threat of violence: street-corner drug dealing.

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  1. johnholmes says:

    Maybe some drugs should be legal … or CFLF has loaned out sooo many brain cells since 2003 … well … there aren’t any left !!

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