More Town Hall Madness: Racism Applauded, Victim Punished

A post at Dkos has the video of a town hall meeting where a white participant walks up to a black lady and forcibly tears a poster of Rosa Parks from her hands and destroys it.

Many in the crowd cheer this crime and act of racism.

And what happens to the victim?

The black woman who tries to get her poster back is grabbed by the police and manhandled out of the auditorum.

4 Responses to “More Town Hall Madness: Racism Applauded, Victim Punished”

  1. johnholmes says:

    Well I’m not for that but really wonder if it was staged by Progressives like you … see this Cavuto video where one of Sen Dingel’s henchmen poses as an “Astroturfer” …

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    We need to remember that the corporatist “mainstream” media loves to present conflict, outrageous statements, and controversy. That is why idiots like Sarah Palin and racists and fanatics like those we see on the media at some of the Town Hall meetings get so much airplay. Our pathetic media isn’t interested in providing real investigative journalism anymore. They’re too busy selling spectacle.

    These insane racists and loud protestors are not the majority of people across the country; they are but a loud small minority. Keep that in mind, folks. The overwhelming majority want real health care reform, not the same old rip-off we’ve been getting for years!

  3. johnholmes says:

    You’re right, the Media hasn’t done it’s job sorting out this bill and explaining what’s in it. Except on Glenn Beck, where he’s actually read from the bill. Elsewhere it’s all about the Politics.

    Here SEIU members beat up a Black Conservative in a racist attack:

    … and Lib’s get busted holding Hitler/Obama signs … pretend to be part of the Mob .. Busted again !!

  4. johnholmes says:

    MacSwain: Is it automatically Racist just because she’s black and he was white?? I really don’t think so .. and don’t think we have the full story here. The Black woman was immediately escorted out by Security as if they were already watching her or she had already been disruptive.

    It’s shortsighted to call this Racist, … but you have to of course .. because this type of politics benefits your cause.

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