The Matthew Shepards of Iraq

Apparently, the New Saddams in Iraq – including the government we helped install and still protect – are massacring gays.

So gays are worse off, women are worse off, and the people are governed by many brutal thugs instead of mainly just one.

It’s just one, big sick joke.

Also, how much coverage do you think this will get from the Righty bloggers?  Their interest in human rights in Iraq ended with the overthrow of Saddam.

19 Responses to “The Matthew Shepards of Iraq”

  1. johnholmes says:

    Nice try MacSwain … attempting to link US Policy with the killing of Gays. In reality even the article says “unknown groups and militias” (re: Islam!!) are responsible for the killings. Mohammud, not Matthew, should be in your headline.

    Funny how Progressives scoffed as Bush cited Human Rights and morality as a reason to invade Iraq. No good news gets reported at CFLF or in the Media, the Iraq War has fallen off the headlines for months yet you wonder if Right Wing bloggers will talk about THIS story?? Quit the hypocrisy MacSwain, you guys never cared enough to ACT in Iraq or anywhere else on behalf of the little people.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, Liberalism is on the Decline and Conservatives are on the rise…. this Obama/Pelosi debacle will be over in 1 or 2 election cycles:

  2. Reality says:

    Apparently we forget all religions’ history towards gays is one of brutal massacres and oppression. It is just that Islamic thuggery is where Christianity thuggery was 300 or less years ago, of course blasting the entire middle eastern region to the stone age as threated by modern Christian leader doesn’t say a lot for our progress either. Without proper law and order we would also see rogue religious elements in the West attacking their ideological enemies, oh wait we are! I think its a case of the pot calling the kettle black, everyone needs to realize we are just as guilty and hate is a human problem that makes religion is inherently flawed, and all religions needed reformation and compassion in order advance along with human cultural evolution.

  3. chuck says:

    The left only got upset for Bush saying the war was about human rights only after the weapons of mass destruction reason wilted and his administration was scrambling for other reasons. Yes, U.S. policy can be easily associated with the killing of gays in Iraq. Bush tried to change the U.S. constitution to say that marriage is between one man and one woman during the time of the invasion of Iraq. He created the atmosphere for intolerance while he was in office and the Iraqis took note of his every move. He convinced 13 U.S. states to change their constitutions to reflect his bassackwards religious stupidity. He was pissed that the United States Supreme Court voted in favor of gays in the Texas vs. Lawrence case which threw out the sodomy laws. He had the nerve to say that we must love gay people while we slowly strip them of their legitimacy and rights to participate in this thing we all call life. The verdict of the majority of the people of the United States is in and George W. Bush was an idiot. It’s funny how we are all supposed to be accepting of Islam and Christianity. We are told that these are only fringe groups who are doing bad. But I don’t hear the leaders of these religions condemning these acts. In fact the Islamic leaders are pushing all the right buttons to make these murders happen. These so-called religious leaders should be sent to prison for life for instigation of homicide. The United States is not a whole lot better. You can be fired in 26 states just for being homosexual. Homosexual human and civil rights are voted on by the ignorant christian masses. Churches spend millions upon millions of dollars of their non-taxable monies to put an end to progress in any homosexuals life. They are too dumb to know that they are affecting their gay children and grandchildren to come. American churches think that if we stop the march of freedom for gays, then no gays will ever be born again and none will ever ask for civil rights again. It is the same twisted logic that the Islamic clerics use when they say that they want to “eradicate” homosexuality from their country. As if no homosexual will ever be born there again. They never thought that gays might be Gods prescription for overpopulation. Heterosexuals breed with reckless abandon and the earth cannot sustain these breeding practices indefinitely. Seventy five percent of the globe doesn’t know where they are going to get their next meal and yet there is always another baby in the oven. Gays have been made the scapegoat of so much when it is the heterosexuals who are ruining the world. Religions that believe that murder is better than homosexuality is not a religion. Religions that believe in exclusion of certain groups of law abiding, tax-paying, disproportionately highly educated individuals are not religions. If you attend church, you should stand up for homosexuals, examine the prejudice in your own churches before you get too high and mighty condemning these atrocities in Iraq.

  4. rita says:

    Just one question? How many homosexual militias can you name in the world who go around killing people in the name of God, Allah, Buddha or whatever other fictitious name they can attach to our invisible friend? Answer. NONE. They are ALL heterosexuals.

  5. johnholmes says:

    Hey, I noticed something … in Reality it’s Islam here which is KILLING Gays … not Christianity. Interesting how nobody connects Islam here, while willing to go back 300 some years to draw an equivalency …. with today’s bloodshed.

    Islamic Leaders (Iran) call for the destruction of the West and Dominance of their hateful Religion all the time. Not excusing any Christian hate but it’s just a whisper compared to the shouts of Islam. It’s not a matter of the pot calling the kettle black, we’re comparing a boiling teaspoon next to the cauldron of Islamic unrest.

    We’ve made a lot of progress, not perfect, but as Reality cites … Islam is some 300 years behind.

  6. Thad says:

    Many women victims of domestic abuse say that words do more harm to them than the actual fist. Psychological damage takes years to heal. A fist in the mouth will heal in no time. The United States government and Christians will never fully realize the psychological damage they do to adolescents who are discovering that they are gay, only to realize that the church is constantly working against them. To realize at such an important time in life that you may not get a chance at a happy marriage with children like everyone else in your class is a terribly daunting feeling. Some states don’t allow adoption to gay couples. Only a few states have recently allowed gay marriage. We put a halt to ten very important years of socialization during the teenage years of a homosexual. They are not allowed to act on their feelings in any way, shape or form. If you are heterosexual, can you imagine never being able to date a girlfriend or boyfriend during those ten years? Can you imagine never being able to touch, kiss or be intimate with another person during that time? Can you imagine never being able to talk to anyone about the person who makes your heart patter? We force them to live a life of lies early on. They are made to pretend that they have an opposite sex attraction for the sake of pacifying teachers, parents and the community. Many gays discover what they are as early as the 4th and 5th grades and that is a long time for a person of this age to hide who they are, to not speak up in class for fear of shining a light upon yourself or fear that someone thinks you SOUND gay. The name calling alone for those that are perceived to be gay by bully classmates is hellish enough. Gays have to spend time in their 20’s doing the things that they didn’t get to do while the other kids were developing social skills and emotional character in their teen years. We have no idea the damage that we do. If we would only get to know some gay people, we would have a better understanding of what damage we have done to them and their lives in order to elevate ourselves in the eyes of God.

  7. jimmy says:

    Christians do a damn good job of “KILLING” the spirit of gay adolescent teens. When this is done, you can be certain that many of these kids will grow up disfunctional and drifting through life without a purpose. Gays will never win equality because they can not prove that they are born gay. Heterosexuals insist that they chose this life. I knew I was gay in the 6th grade and it was not something I chose. It was real and it was me and it was who my creator created. Did heterosexuals choose not to act on their homosexuality? Yes it is crazy thinking, but adopted by the churches anyway as a way to disprove homosexual desires. My dad whipped a bird dog so badly, for one thing or another once I forgot why, that he broke the spirit of that dog for the rest of its life. You can spot a dog like that in a pack. I was as broken as that dog when I was a teenager, because I had an illiterate, back woods, dumb-ass father who couldn’t understand anything about me. Me teachers and the community (with all of their education) was not much more understanding of me either. I never acted on my homosexuality until I was 21 years old, but they all saw something in me that they didn’t like and it took 20 years of adulthood to work my way out of this psychological nightmare.

  8. johnholmes says:

    Rita: very shortsighted … Homo’s have always been a part of Society and arguably were the leaders for some of the most heinous acts against other people. Many have been leaders within the Church as well, persecuted millions of people.

    But of course we can only speculate who throughout History was a Homo. I’m sure Homo’s have wreaked their share of destruction throughout time …

    As to what Jimmy said, I agree kids showing gay tendencies or whatever have had a very difficult time growing up in our or any society. They need protection from our educators and a higher level of acceptance in Society. Kids can be so viscous. Everybody needs to be treated with some basic level of respect unless they cannot be respectful themselves. So at this level I sympathiize with the cause …

  9. rita says:

    John Holmes – Your forced compassion is not very convincing. You say kids should be protected, but protected from what? Protected from adults who use the derogatory street term Homo when they should use the educated and scientific term homosexual? Your bias is a dead give away when you lower yourself to this shorthand locker room term. You did not name one homosexual who has persecuted millions. Your speculation was just that – speculation. Wild speculation!

  10. Kyle says:

    The hardest thing about growing up gay was the hard knocks that I had to take from the bullies and not being able to report it because I would have had to explain to my parents and teachers why I was being beaten daily. I was being beaten just because of their perception. They knew about my sexuality before I did.

  11. Skeetz says:

    The Supreme Leader in Iraq better think twice about coming out in the open, guess they have the Dont Ask Dont Tell order for those mullahs, course who knows how many of those mullahs are the pivot man in the jerk circle.

  12. anon says:

    The christians, bless their soul, HATE us gays. That’s ok in my book. I can respect a difference of belief and philosophy. The muslims KILL us. That’s not ok. I think one is just a dirty ignorant backward religion with too much money from natural resources. Guess.

  13. anon says:

    btw, their god is ugly, because he kills beautiful, kind, loving people.

  14. johnholmes says:

    In California under the “Civil Unions” laws every right afforded a Married couple is given to Gays. Many people know that by definition “Marriage” is between a man and a woman. Why can’t Gays respect other people’s view?? You’ve won the argument here. The vast majority of people don’t really care anymore but are offended at the term “Marriage” being applied to Gays. In the USA the Media, Universities, K-12 Educators and Pop Culture have done their best to degrade Marriage. Frankly it can be a big liability to get married in this Nation, fewer are choosing it. Given that Civil Unions afford the same rights, how can one argue that their “rights” are less or being taken away?

    Hey look, I agree gays can have a really tough time growing up. Kids are brutal for a wide assortment of reasons: fat, skinny, small, gay, ugly, weak, stupid, smart, geek etc. etc … its a failure of Educators and Parents if they allow some kid to get bullied. Thanks to Progressives and Lawyers there’s actually less that Parents and Teachers can do to stop a bully. but too many just look the other way.

    rita: I’m not biased nor incompassionate, just laying a trap for Homo dolts like you! There’s plenty of evidence that Alexander the Great was a Homo and killed hundreds of thousands of people during his campaigns …

    I could name more … plenty in Rome .. what say you now?

    Chuck: Your script is riddled with inaccuracy and falsehood. I will take on just one of the many. Bush cited well BEFORE the Iraq war his reason’s for going in. One of them was for moral reasons, for the people of Iraq living under a brutal dictator who had killed some 400k of his own people. Seriously, you are just wrong, go read el Bush’s speeches before the invasion.

  15. agreed says:

    Jimmy – I had the exact same experience as you. I was ‘gay’ before I even knew what sex was! In retrospect I could tell by puppy love and the pitter-patter of my heart when other guys were around… It was just normal to me. And I grew up a military brat. My heart goes out to you because you are correct, our spirits were broken, and we will never meet the potential we once had. Never. This happens to many people for many different reasons, none of which it makes it right. For me I’m trying to learn that sometimes life is like a GPS map, everytime you miss a turn, it recalculates a new route. Granted, the new route won’t be the best one from our point of origin, but it is the best one from where we are today. I wish you much much luck with the routes you are finding. For us, this is more than an political argument. It’s our life. It is an argument for our survival. One that isn’t asking anyone else to give anything up. Just asking to leave us alone to live our life as the rightful Americans we are. Unencumbered by others’ preconceived notions about what is right or wrong for people like us. My view is that we have always had the legal right to marry in this country. I also believe that the machine of institutional prejudice has always withheld that right. Everything from the policies the desk clerk at town hall follows to the forms that they hand out. From the administrators that deny the applications to the judges that use precedents that are riddled with bias and discrimination. All have been barriers that has illegally prevented us from marrying. So to me, I’m not asking to renegotiate. I’m demanding that bigots step out of the way and leave us alone to live our lives, and if that includes marrying another man, they just need to accept that. Now I know they won’t, and I know they will continue to make our lives miserable, and I know that my little GPS is going to have to ‘re-calculate’ the route infinitum, however, I’m not going into a closet (where I’ve never spent a day), and I’m not going to play nice with bigots in hope that they will throw a few breadcrumbs my way. Just think, a life without bigots would be a good life for everyone. It’s not limited to issues surrounding sexual orientation.

  16. agreed says:

    John — I agree with you too, to a point. Although Christianity has been no friend to gays, it’s not the military soldiers but the people of Islam that have revealed themselves as blood thirsty torturers and murderers. And it’s not just against gays. I shudder how Islam may take humanity back to the dark ages. And if that’s the case, how many billions of people will live in hell on earth. And it seems that that would make them all the happier.

  17. elizabeth says:

    The reason “traditional” marriage is between one man and one woman is because the government (backed up by the Christian religion) has “traditionally” stomped all over the rights of minorities in this country. When the stomping was complete, the lawmakers went home to their mistresses. Religions made certain that slavery stayed in place until progressive minds came to be. In the 50’s you could be put in prison if you were in the military and found out to be gay. Sodomy laws were in place until about 10 years ago. I hate when people say that I should not be “ranting” over this issue, but as you can see in Iraq, gay men are being murdered in the name of God to this very day. I will not shut up about gay rights until all gay people on the planet are free from religious bigotry. I suspect I will be “ranting” until the day I die. If that time comes and I get to see my creator, I will be able to say that I did not sit on my fat ass and do nothing for the generation of gays coming up behind me who were created by (guess who)? GOD.

  18. katy says:

    to john holmes: Heterosexuals have done a fantastic job of ruining the sanctity of marriage. They did not need Hollywood to do it for them. It’s funny how state legislatures all over the country have created laws to keep gays from adopting children when it is heterosexuals who are doing 99.9 percent or more of beating the living hell out of children and molesting them. There is not a single day that you can pick up a newspaper in this country and not find one or two infanticides from every state in this country. The terribly sad state of families under Child Protective Services control in this country has nothing at all to do with gay people and everything in the world to do with mostly lower socio-economic conditions of uneducated HETEROSEXUAL children having children.

  19. Kathy says:

    Kids can be so viscous.

    Vicious, too. 🙂

    Kathy, who just got done eating some pretty viscous oatmeal, having left it on the stove too long.

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