Willya Wontcha, Do You Dontcha, Really, Really Want tp Work With Us?

It sounded a lot better when Bonnie Raitt sang it, but it’s still the catchiest tune in D.C. these days.

The general public appears to be saying, Screw health care reform without a public option.

Steven Pearlstein says, Screw the general public. (Actually, he didn’t really say that — he said the Democrats should give up on the public option.)

Finally, check out this video at Crooks and Liars of Chris Matthews interviewing Anthony Weiner. Then scroll down to Susie Madrak’s commentary (emphasis is in original):

Now, you notice anything there? Tweety thinks the Republicans aren’t at war with the Democrats! How much worse does he think it’s going to get? Arlen Specter told us at Netroots Nation that the Republican caucus decided – before the inauguration – that they wouldn’t support any stimulus bill at all in order to break Obama.

One Response to “Willya Wontcha, Do You Dontcha, Really, Really Want tp Work With Us?”

  1. Jon says:

    actually Kathy, it is the democrats in the house who are saying that. The democrats in the senate are saying they won’t pass a public option. The general public does not want the health care reform as it is currently formulated. The sheer amount of protests is evidence to that.

    For your information, tort reform is the place to start in terms of healthcare reform. Private industry health insurance is not the problem from a cost perspective. The two problems from a cost standpoint are lawsuits and fraud. Neither the republicans nor the democrats want to deal with tort reform because of the amount of money the lawyers put in their pockets, so the public is going to have to push for that.

    Barack Obama is barking up the wrong tree with his proposal. Encourage him and others to deal with the real problems (tort reform and fraud), and maybe we can get a plan done that actually makes sense.

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