A Common Sense Proposal That Will Never Happen

Andrew Romano of Newsweek looks beyond the argument about whether Obama is lying when he says his health care reform package will not cover illegal immigrants or whether it’s Joe Wilson who is lying when he says it will, and asks “Why shouldn’t we insure illegals?

Of course, insuring undocumented workers is ethically murky and politically impossible. Some people argue that if we’re hiring illegals to, say, shingle our roofs, we have a moral obligation to care for them if they fall off. But more people, it seems, simply want them out of the country. Given that illegal immigrants have, by definition, broken our laws, it makes sense that large numbers of upstanding citizens oppose any measure that would encourage more foreigners to sneak into America or make their lives easier once they’re here.

The only problem? From a purely economic standpoint, insuring illegal immigrants makes a lot of sense—and not just for them, but for everyone.

Via Memeorandum.

5 Responses to “A Common Sense Proposal That Will Never Happen”

  1. This exemplifies why Newsweeks is losing readership. Quit insulting people with this bogus round about argument, that somehow “it’s better for us” if we insure Illegals. Stupid, on the face of it. Many of us are tired of subsidizing Illegals Health Care, Schools, Public Transport, housing, food stamps, welfare … virtually everything!! Its insulting.

    Nobody is going to turn away an injured person from the ER. It doesn’t happen now and won’t in the future. Joe Wilson was right, there is no verification mechanism in the Health Care bill. While it doesn’t explicitly cover Illegals, implicitly it does via weak verification … that’s how things work in DC.

    We all know the Goal of Progressives is a Single Payer government plan which covers Illegals. Why do Regressives continue to lie about their position? Why must Regressives force their ideas on the rest of us using the Government?

    People are waking up. Nearly 2 million people showed up in DC to protest this Administration. They weren’t fake, bussed in union members carrying pre-printed signs like the Democrats use … this was a real grassroots effort by ordinary Americans disgusted by Progressives … you should be scared …

  2. ObamaLied says:

    Only a Regressive could call this “Common Sense” …

  3. Chief says:

    First, there may have been 70,000 in Wash, DC this past week-end. The picture that the RW Fringe circulated was from the Million Man March in 1995.

    Second, a moral, compassionate, Christian nation has an obligation to take care of every body, not just citizens.

    Third, Single-Payer works for the UK and other European nations, Canada, Japan and it works for Medicare, Tricare for Life and the VA in the USA. We really need a single payer called “Medicare-for-All.”

  4. ObamaLied says:

    Actually is seems the picture was from “Promise Keepers” … not the 400,000 march …

    We have a moral obligation to provide emergency care to sick, injured people .. not continuing care nor insurance for people here illegally. I’m not saying Socialized medicine is worse than Kenyan Health Care, but it comes at a price. Freedom and control of our lives become lost to DC Bureaucrats and “Health” panels. Right now the UK and Canada are considering cuts to remain solvent in Health Care … cuts in service.

    Why not make Social Security solvent first? Or Medicare? Balance a budget sometime?? I can’t believe these Congress dumbasses want to tackle Health Care when all these other programs are so far in the Red or complete failures. They want to use my Health Care dollars for the General Fund, to cover all the BS spending, then deny me needed treatment later in life. NO WAY. FU.

    I don’t see why we should trust the Government here. How have they proved themselves ??

  5. Chief says:

    Sorry on the confusion of 3-M w/ Promise Keepers. Pic was apparently taken prior to 2002.

    You ask, “Why health care now?” Because the exorbitant cost of health insurance and prescription drugs are bankrupting the country.

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