A Question About Patriotism, Then and Now

One of Josh Marshall’s readers asks a rhetorical question:

How long did it take the right to go from: “if you criticize the President you are a traitor” to “School children should not trust the President.”

3 Responses to “A Question About Patriotism, Then and Now”

  1. You’d think their parents would be thrilled–at least, as long as he wasn’t a wingnut. As an older person who chose to not have kids, and the fact I’m extremely disappointed with President Obama since he ran as ‘anti-war’. Maybe if I did have children I might be upset (-too old for kids now anyway). And as I recall he did spout some really ridiculous -for the lack of a better word- crap about a Civilian National Defense Force. Has the entire government gone crazy? Is this something the corporatists order? After all, it’s more than apparent that everyone in the current government is only working for the parasitic corporate capitalists. Maybe these parents do have a reason to be concerned. One thing is for sure, this old(er) voting person is going to look twice before casting a ballet for Mr. Obama if he doesn’t get back on track at re-Americanizing the entire country…

  2. Jack Jodell says:

    Just another in a huge and growing number of examples of far-right hypocrisy. To hear Jim Greer and the rest of these idiots tell it, Obama will be handing out little hammers and sickles along with a little red book to all the students. These people are insane. They are not patriotic; they are oppressive. Anyone not sharing their viewpoint 100% must be immediately disparaged and shouted down. They are ignorant, intolerant bigots who will not accept anything this President says or does. They are not loyal; they are subversive. They are not decent, upright Americans; they are authoritarian thugs. They have far nore in common with the brownshirts of 1930s Germany than they do with George Washington’s Continental Army. They betray the American Way.

  3. As a “Right Winger” and a so-called “Teabagger” I had no problem with Obama addressing the kids. If, however, he had pushed his Health Care crap during this speech … tried to pit the kids against their parents well I’d be upset. Well, he didn’t and it was a fine speech.

    How long did it take the Left to go from calling protests the most grassroots form of Democracy and expression of free speech to calling protesters “teabaggers”, wingnuts, mobs, racist, “astroturf” … and more??

    Quite hypocritical eh?

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