Democrats Abroad Canada Meeting with Dennis Kucinich

I am sitting on a conference call with the folks from Democrats Abroad Canada awaiting the arrival of Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I plan to provide an update later but in the meantime I ask that you pay a visit to the website Health Care Stories from American’s In Canada to see some highly relevant health care stories.

Come back to this post later for an update.

4 Responses to “Democrats Abroad Canada Meeting with Dennis Kucinich”

  1. ObamaLied says:

    While folks in Canada and the UK have more “coverage” … these systems don’t provide more care. What good is coverage without the best care?? The USA has more MRI machines, more technology, more Dentists, more Health Care Professionals and puts more money towards Health Care than anywhere else in the World. Thus we get better CARE. Anyone can show up in the ER and receive care without Insurance.

    Cancer Survival rates are the highest in the USA. In Canada and the UK you don’t get Chemo past a certain age, you just get a pain pill and are left to die. Transplants same thing. This saves money but provides less care when we most need it … when you are elderly or sick. I’m tired of all these young/healthy people in the UK or Canada who have never been sick, yet claim the Health Care system works well for them ..

    Lastly, I’m tired of all these Canadians claiming their Health Care is FREE when their taxes are much higher than ours. Taxes go to fund Canadian/UK Health Care, nothing is FREE.

    If Progressives want to set up their own Socialized System then why not do it right now?? Go set up a Co-op of your own and see how it works, get like minded people to join … but quit forcing $$ the rest of us into your ideaology.

  2. I’m afraid this program will be just a big money and power grab by Progressives and Government Bureaucrats. Taking over 1/6th of the economy is really serious and affects us all. Nancy Pelosi should get out of the way and allow us the 3 day wait period before voting. Pelosi and Obama are breaking promises and violating this “transparency in government” by putting this bill up for a vote without the 3 day timeframe … which is still tiny considering the huge impact of this bill.

    Who wrote this bill?? Why should we trust the Government when every other Big Government Program is bankrupt and way over projected cost??

    I agree that nobody should go bankrupt because of illness. Insurance coverage and all the worry about getting dropped from a plan are weak points of the US system. But more people get higher quality care in the US than anywhere else in the World. Why do Progressives ignore this fact?? The wait times for basic tests like an MRI are well documented in the UK and Canada. People suffer and die due to these waits. The USA is like Mecca for new Medical Devices and Innovative Drug technology .. . I worry that a Government plan would take money out of this system and slow real Health Care innovation while at the same time Government Bureaucrats will prosper. In the UK nearly 50% of NHS employees are Bureaucrats … far from efficient ..

  3. radical_moderate says:

    “People suffer and die due to these waits”

    Most of these countries have LONGER Life expectencies than the USA. America rates well down in the list of healthiest Nations, we also have higher infant mortality than most other industrialized nations. As for people dying, latest figures suggest that over 40,000 AMERICANS die every year because they have no Insurance, further, why are thousands of citizens of the richest Country in the World lining up at these 3rd world style Health Fairs? It is shameful that we are the ONLY Industrialized Country on Earth that sees Healthcare as a Privilege, and not a right. I also find it shameful that likely you and your conservative friends didn’t object to Billions spent on an elective War in Iraq at the same time Bush was giving huge tax cuts to the rich. Further, if you don’t think that every tax payer in this country is already paying for the uninsured, then you are smoking something i want a piece of; the reason that Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, (soon to break the American economy), is precisely because we have a hodge-pod of employer based Insurance plans adminstered by profit based monopolies.

  4. Like you said, we are already paying for the uninsured. Anyone who shows up at the ER gets treated, even if they can’t pay…. Health Care is part of our economy, how is it wasteful? Government is wasteful $$ …

    If nation-wide Government Health Care is good, why does the Government restrict Insurance Companies by State? They are not allowed to write nation wide Insurance policies.

    Where is this 40,000 Americans die each year figure come from?? Seems totally fabricated to me … for political reasons. Only you and Michael Moore think 3rd World nations like Cuba have better Health Care … still, when folks like you get sick … I don’t see floatilla’s of Americans heading to Cuba …. no, then our system is the best … when you get sick!!

    Go set up your own non-profit Co-op if you feel its the best system. Why force the rest of us when like minded Progressive Americans and Doctor’s can do this right now. Set up a test system and see how it works, then we’ll talk.


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