Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, and ABC News

Rebecca Dana writes at The Daily Beast:

There’s a story people at ABC News tell about the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson were cozily ensconced in the Good Morning America studio when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Being seasoned newsmen both, they sprang into action, covering the tragedy side by side for about 10 minutes until Peter Jennings—stately, stoic, impeccably tailored—settled into his anchor chair.

For the rest of the morning, Sawyer rarely saw the red light of a live camera trained her way. Surrounded by flowers on the cheery Good Morning America set, she waited for her chance to go on. “Diane’s available,” producers said. “She’s standing by.” Nothing.

For two decades, Sawyer has been standing by at ABC, waiting for her chance to run the show. Now, at last, she finally will. It’s not the prize it once was, but it’s hers: anchor of World News, the once towering, now considerably diminished evening broadcast, which, like its competitors on NBC and CBS, keeps soldiering on in the face of looming irrelevance.

If nothing else, Sawyer’s new job carries with it the promise of sweet revenge, a chance to finally win a ratings race against her old rival Katie Couric, who used to beat her every morning as anchor of NBC’s Today and who capped off the winning streak in 2006 by becoming the first ever solo female anchor of a national network newscast. ABC News President David Westin told me he offered Sawyer the job last week, and she called him at seven Tuesday evening and said, “It’s a go.”

And according to “a source close to the departing anchor,” Gibson is “livid” that Sawyer is getting his old job. I’m sure that only makes the moment sweeter for Sawyer.

As for me, my feeling is that anyone who recalls the primary debate in Philadelphia, in which it took Gibson and George Stephanopouls 45 minutes to address a single substantive question to then-candidate Barack Obama, will agree that there is nowhere to go but up.

2 Responses to “Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson, and ABC News”

  1. Chief says:

    I have always thought that Gibson and Stephanopoulis were very intelligent people. I know George is/was a Rhodes scholar. Having said that, the lack of substantive questions during the debate is the reason that I no longer watch ABC News or This Week with George.

    I get my news from Rachel Maddow and the internet.

  2. Dave Wise says:

    Gibson and George Stephanopouls are two of many bush assclown cocksuckers,that still cannot believe that the will of the PEOPLE voted for Obama.These two shitheads love the spotlight.They just loved them some bush cock.Couldn;t get enough.We have our work cut out for us to rid the world of these bigit bastards.I say start with the major ceos and work our way down.


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