Fox Makes the News — Literally

From Steve Benen:

Fox News spent months promoting last weekend’s right-wing protests in Washington, encouraging viewers to go register their outrage. And during the event itself, the Republican news network went a step further, encouraging the crowd to get louder once the cameras were on.

As Danny Shea reported this morning, Fox News producer Heidi Noonan rallied the crowd during an on-air segment in which Glenn Beck chatted with activist Griff Jenkins. Viewers at home, of course, were not told that a Fox News producer was encouraging the protestors to make some noise for the cameras.

A network spokesperson told the Huffington Post, “The employee is a young, relatively inexperienced associate producer who realizes she made a mistake and has been disciplined.”

Sure she has. I’m sure Fox News is all broken up about this.

Here’s the video that viewers saw at home. The cheerleading producer, obviously, is out of camera range.

5 Responses to “Fox Makes the News — Literally”

  1. Jack Jodell says:

    RNN (aka Fox “News”), has about as much journalistic integrity and accuracy as the National Enquirer, and maybe even less. They are symptomatic of what is destroying this country: pursuit of peofit over and above all else. They care nothing for this country or the importance of having a truly well informed population. As long as they have goofs watching them and can collect advertising revenue, that’s all they care about. They are like the health insurance CEOs of the television idustry. I would trust a drug-addicted pimp before I would trust Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, , Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Gretchen Carlson, or any of the rest of those blabbering, lying morons over at Fox!

  2. ObamaLied says:

    The Enquirer broke news stories that your media ignored … like the John Edwards mistress/bastard child story … so they’ve got mroe repute than MSNBC or the Big 3. Jack, people ARE informed … that’s why 54% of people are AGAINST Obambacare .. we’ve read the bill (unlike Congress).

    Do you expect Fox employees NOT to be at the Rally?? I don’t see what the big deal was here … and as we know the Major Papers and news outlets ignored this event or just gave it a few minutes … a few years ago virtually every anti-war rally got coverage, even if just a few people attended … now tens of thousands show up and it’s minor news … shame on you.

  3. ObamaLied says:

    …. again you miss the point by 10 miles …

  4. ObamaLied says:

    Why are you Progressives so twisted about Fox News?? You’ve got MSNBC, CNN, the Big 3 Networks and most major newspapers slant to the Left …. these outlets did little reporting on the Protests and virtually no coverage of the ACORN scandal nor background investigations of Obamba before the election. Yet, you guys are still upset … even with 80% Liberals running the media … I just don’t get it.

  5. Joe says:

    I may be wrong, but I suspect the Fox News producer caught stirring up anti-government crowds on the Mall ten days ago *MAY* have been a staffer for former republican senator Norm Coleman….Check this out:

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