Honduran Soldiers Defend Democracy Against Crazed Brazilian Diplomats

I know it sounds unlikely, but why would the Honduran military be using tear gas and truncheons to drive off thousands of Honduran citizens rallying in support of Manuel Zelaya (who is inside the Brazilian embassy) unless the embassy staff, led by Zelaya, were getting ready to massacre every last one of those helpless soldiers?

Setting the stage for a confrontation, Zelaya called on supporters to converge on the capital as the government extended what had been a night time curfew until 6:00 pm Tuesday … to try to head off protests.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in New York, called Tuesday for a negotiated end to the standoff and urged Zelaya to “be very careful not to allow any pretext for the coup plotters to resort to violence.”

But Roberto Micheletti, the interim leader, showed no signs of yielding, lashing out against pressure from the US and other governments for a negotiated resolution to the crisis and demanding that Brazil hand over Zelaya.

In New York, Clinton called for calm and welcomed Zelaya’s return as an opportunity to end almost three months of political stalemate.

“Now that President Zelaya is back it would be opportune to restore him to his position under appropriate circumstances, get on with the election that is currently scheduled for November, have a peaceful transition of presidential authority and get Honduras back to constitutional and democratic order,” she told reporters Monday.

Clinton met ahead of the UN General Assembly in New York with Nobel peace laureate who brokered failed peace talks between the Zelaya camp and the interim government.

Micheletti lashed out at Clinton and Arias in remarks that raised fears the military might be asked to storm the embassy.

“Let’s hope for Dona Hillary’s and Mr Arias’ sake, after the pleasure they took in president Zelaya’s arrival here, that there will not be consequences to regret,” he said.

Brazil’s foreign ministry said the embassy in Tegucigalpa had sought US help after its electricity, phone and water services were cut off.

I think it’s clear who the aggressors are, here.

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  1. ObamaLied says:

    Why was he trying to change the Constitution?? Why did the Honduran Supreme Court rule as it did?

    …. seems this guy wants to be another Chavez.

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