How Will Healthcare Reform Affect You?

The Washington Post has decided to take a crack at demystifying this question in the following article; 8 Questions About Health-Care Reform. Good stuff, too bad they waited until the 11th hour to do this. It might have prevented some of this scary wing-nut crap.

4 Responses to “How Will Healthcare Reform Affect You?”

  1. Paul says:

    We are all adults here, and as adults we know there are consequences for are actions, so if you do not agree with his views on healthcare, you can a) do nothing, b) vote for him, c) not vote for him, d) protest and picket, its your choice, live the dream!

    It all comes down to what you believe, either you are your brother’s keeper or are not. The healthcare system is broken, even when you play by the rules, because even when you are working and come down with something serious the insurance company can deny your claim and you are stuck using you own funds and filing for bankruptcy when these same insurance companies are paying out bonuses to those employees that deny claims and on top of that the same companies show record profits. We are already paying for emergency room care anyway for those without healthcare, it makes sense to me to cover everyone and not pay 10-20 times more for emergency room care.

  2. Obama isn’t even his brother’s keeper, nor his Aunt’s keeper. One lives in a shack in Africa, the other has been ordered deported several times … neither relative has received help from Barak.

    I don’t think anyone should ever go bankrupt because of health care costs. Insurance Companies have denied claims indeed, but do you think for a second the Government won’t as well?? How else are they supposed to save money besides denying care or the latest medical advances? Insurance Companies can be sued, the Government can’t. Good luck getting some DC bureaucrat on the phone or some Government Panel to change its mind on the “approved” treatment.

    You guys are seriously naive. Look around the World, socialized systems ration care.

  3. sharon sutton says:

    Where is the intelligence in the Universe, not here in the United States. As someone who in many ways have enjoyed the privledge of exercising the Constitution and Declaration of Independence I am also someone who grew up in the cold war, have read the history of the United States and at my age have contributed to that history. I am enraged by the entitled and arrogant position of alot of my fellow Americans. How can anyone oppose the idea of healthcare for everyone in this country. In the country known as the “free world” and the desire Politically for all countries to follow our theory of Democracy….(THE REASON WE IMPOSE OUR BELIEFS THROUGH WAR) WHAT ARE WE THINKING! Are the folk that are opposed to health care for everyone aware that they are part of the everyone….and that one day in their life journey they may require the understanding and care of a health care system that is available to even those without a six figue income. This country was not developed on a selfish,greedy, arrogant,belief structure and by the way if we really believe in a Democracy then all of US are responsible for the state of the Government…lets remember …For the People and By the People. If we are paying attention We The People Are The Governing Body. In response to ‘Sentenced to Death” for someone concerned about rationed care….What is unrationed about your position…..Try to remember that Insurance companies are the folk making the money in Health Care and making the decisions about your health care….and you trust them. Who is naive?????

  4. Sharon, you are naive. In a “Free World” not everything is Free … no, something “Free” to you just passes the bill to someone else. Currently everyone DOES get Health Care in the US, even Illegal Immigrants, so what are you talking about?? What is the big urgency here?? Arrogance is telling someone what’s best for them, that’s what you and other supporters of this Obamacare are doing with this plan…. Heck, Obama doesn’t even have a plan written up!! There are some 6 versions in Congress only 1 is published. Who is writing this Bill?

    The Constitution was about Individual Freedom and limiting Government. Your various excerpts above demonstrate a lack of knowledge about the Constitution.

    I don’t trust the Insurance Companies a whole lot, but I trust the Government a hella lot less. What Government Program has been successful? Can you name just one that stays within budget, not riddled with waste and fraud?? At least with an Insurance Company I can take my business elsewhere … not so under a Government Controlled system where there is no recourse.

    We have the best Health Care system in the World. An expensive one, but certainly the best. Why are people like you so eager to pass a bill so quickly?? Why do you trust Government so much? They can’t even balance a budget, Medicare and Social Security are both in the Red … yet these same folks in Congress wanna tackle my Health Care?? Congress has proven time and time again they can’t manage anything, prove yourselves competent first then we’ll talk Health Care.

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