Let Them Entertain You

Michelle Malkin, Pamela Geller, and three other far right XX’ers I don’t recognize have put together a video to tell us that. .. they are Sarah Palin.


Via Firedoglake, to honor the day we learned, from one of George W. Bush’s speechwriters, Matt Lattimer, that the former president mocked Sarah Palin as a lightweight. (Keep on standing up to those intimidating liberals, ladies!)

One Response to “Let Them Entertain You”

  1. If these people are “Far Right” … aren’t you “Far Left” ?? An “extremist” ?? Yes, you are indeed. Nearly 2 million people marched in DC over the weekend … perhaps the largest gathering ever in our Nations Capital .. yet this event got little coverage. Few had pre-printed signs like the robots carry at extreme Left Wing protests … no I guess this grassroots efforts needs to be marginalized and ignored ..

    but you know you’re scared ….

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