McCarthyism, Then and Now

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McCarthyism, Then and Now

4 Responses to “McCarthyism, Then and Now”

  1. Jack Jodell says:

    The parallels between then and now are frighteningly similar: unstable paranoid types making recklessly unfounded accusations and s[eaking in hyperbole against political opponents. Our only saving grace is that, unlike then, we now have far fewer reactionary Republicans, and that party is far weaker than it was in the very early 1950s. These fearful, hate-filled people like Joe McCarthy, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Bachmann, Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck are insane.

  2. ObamaLied says:

    Ugh, who amongst those McCarthy accused had no Communist ties?? Truth be told there were indeed plenty of Communists aspiring to high positions within our Government. Their goals were strictly antethetical to our Constitution. Today Obama has surrounded himself with extreme Left Radicals throughout his administration, as he has done all his life.

    This video is fails to include the relevant analysis made by Beck, Limbaugh, and Savage leading up to their assertion that Obama is a Statist/Socialist/Communist. Thus this dishonest fringe inspired clip deserves no attention. Obama has expanded the power sphere of Government to new Levels. Government Controls more of the Banks, Auto Industry, and Home Mortgages. Obama has quadrupled the budget deficit to some 2 Trillion Dollars in just 6 months. Van Jones is just one example of a far Left Extremist Radical recently tied to Obama.

    One certain example of McCarthyism is how the Administration shuts up its opposition using the power of the Government. Humana was recently a victim of this McCarthyist tactic:

  3. The real Mobs have taken to the streets in Pittsburg!! Unlike the peaceful Tea Parties or the 9/12 DC March these protesters are truly violent Mobs. The Left Wing Crazies are out in force!! I wonder how the Mainstream Media will cover these rock throwing, window smashing, littering, hood wearing, gas mask carrying, fire lighting … foul mouthed protests?

    Clean up your side Kathy … samples from Left Wing Protests … these are what Mobs really look like:

  4. opit says:

    ‘Left Wing crazies’. Nice to discount protesters on the basis of unannounced information. What did you do : take a street poll ?
    G20 ? Holy Hell. Nobody’s heard of Progressives ? Ron Paul ?
    News Flash. The New World Order was talked about by President George Bush ( Sr. ) in his speeches. People seeing the economy going nuts while getting short end of the stick are starting to realize they have bigger problems than ragheads on the other side of the world.
    The media started the noise about violence as soon as Obama was confirmed. There’s going to be plenty of reason to show they will be right : people in cities with power,sewage, water, and garbage collection all in jeopardy due to pricing or budget imbalance are not going to want to suffer in stoic silence.
    Countries, states, municipalities…all have income shortfalls…aggravated by real estate meltdown and the shrinkage of credit.

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