Obama’s Careful Dance

The other day I wrote a piece detailing one Congressman’s opinion about heath care reform and the public option. Today I found this excellent breakdown of the current White House position on passing health care reform by the always prescient Pennsylvanian, BooMan. The crux of his argument is that things are unfolding just as planned. Pass something with a public option in the House. Something without in the Senate. Reconcile later.

So, of course, the way to make this bag of shit smell better is to offer people the option of buying their health insurance from the government. Yeah, maybe you are only going to give that option to the self-employed, uninsured, and impoverished, but it’s a far-sight better than just compelling people to become customers of the very corporations they hate the most.

Even before Obama took office he started canvassing the Senate to see what kind of support there was for his health care plan. He quickly discovered that there was no Republican support for the plan he ran on. He also discovered two disconcerting things about the Democratic caucus. They were more favorably disposed to Clinton’s mandate than his own plan, and there were a few Dems who opposed the public option.

He realized that he probably wouldn’t have 60 Democratic votes in the caucus (Kennedy and Byrd were ill, Specter was still a Republican, and Franken’s election was tied up in the courts). Therefore, he made sure to get a provision included in the budget that would allow him to come back in late October and pass a bill using the budget reconciliation process (which only requires 51 votes). [emphasis mine] But he knew he couldn’t announce that he was going to go that route without giving an honest effort to pass the legislation under regular order. Even if it was a pipe dream, he had to try to win over a few Republicans.

I recommend you read the entire piece as it presents a very well constructed argument and should make many people who are otherwise freaking out over the process calm down just a bit. I would also like to point out that the immediate reaction in the comments section was exactly what I expected. The first response was that without a public option health care reform is meaningless.

Personally I do not believe this to be the case at all. We need to understand that our health care system is severely damaged. Think of it as a high priced German sports car that has gone without service for 300,000 miles. You are likely to have issues with the transmission, the engine, tires, suspension, brakes, electrical, etc. Each of those systems require an overhaul but right now we simply want to get the damned thing into the garage and start working on it.

So far, Obama is the first mechanic to actually give us an estimate worth entertaining. Oh, by the way, he will get the thing running and maybe replace the tires and brakes. For the rest? Well, start saving up baby, this is a ten year project.

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  1. ObamaLied says:

    Well that sums it up, in other words “Progressives” are being dishonest about what they really want. Your motives are to ram Government Health Care down our throats, no matter how many people disagree, force it using the power of the Government …. Other Progressives are coming out of the closet and admitting they want Illegals to be part of our Government Health Care … Joe Wilson was right … Obama Lied, all Progressives are lying …


    Heck, Obama didn’t even write his own book, more evidence that he is not this erudite new leader we should all bow down to … Ayres wrote the book for Obama, for the most part, but Obama had to distance himself from Ayres during the election. We don’t even know Obama’s grades in College, any of his College papers, how he paid for these expensive schools, how he even got admitted!!

    Meanwhile, while the economy sucks, people are still losing their jobs, homes, cars, etc … but Obama decides to go to Denmark in the hopes of bringing the Olympics to Chicago … After years harping about the economy where are the Media and Progressives now ??

  2. Michael, did you read or learn anything about the Canadian System before moving there? Seems like it works ok in Canada … until you get sick or need care:


    I hope this Obamacare effort fails, I hope Obama fails.

  3. Funny BlueDog, that local clinic mentioned in the article you posted is not a government run clinic at all, it is private. Sadly, just like in the US system, if you go to a bad doctor and get advice you don’t like – like wait a year in excruciating pain – then GET A SECOND OPINION. Sorry, but the doctors in our clinics do not have the right to tell us what services to get. They do not ration care. They simply provide a triage-type service. While this woman’s story is sad, it is not at all unique to the Canadian system. Oh, and by the way, yes I read about the system and I chose to move here.

  4. radical_moderate says:

    “Heck, Obama didn’t even write his own book, more evidence that he is not this erudite new leader we should all bow down to … Ayres wrote the book for Obama, for the most part, but Obama had to distance himself from Ayres during the election. We don’t even know Obama’s grades in College, any of his College papers, how he paid for these expensive schools, how he even got admitted!!”

    Obama graduated with Honors, so what we do know is that he placed high in the precentile of GPA for students in his graduating class, oh, and another thing we know? You people are fucking nuts.

  5. Bottom line Michael, she got quick first rate care in the USA not Canada. These types of stories are not uncommon. There are some problems with the cost of the US system, but the care is the best. Why must Democrats and Progressives constantly trash our system? It provides great care (often free to those who can’t pay or for illegals) and is run by great Physicains, nurses, and technicians. There is more technology available to more people, even those who can’t pay or have no insurance. Number 1 in my mind is I’ve got a problem people losing everything before they qualify for Government Aid. That’s a problem in the USA. As are people who aren’t covered by insurance or some Gov’t program. Total, we’re talking about 12-20 million people who can’t afford insurance, don’t qualify for Gov’t aid, or are illegals, etc. Why must we so drastically change a whole Health Care system for so few people? The majority of Americans don’t see how the UK or Canadian system is better. More Coverage does not mean better CARE !!

    Will anyone here admit the shortcomings of a UK or Canadian style system?? I haven’t heard any negatives from Democrats or Progressives … There IS rationing and much longer waits for care, people wait while their condition worsens. Fewer MRI machines, fewer specialists, etc. I could go on forever .. less care when you really need it. I’m frustrated by the lack of honesty regarding socialized systems. Anyone here wanna fess up? Elected officials are not being honest about this issue, nor are Progressive pundits. Seems more about money for the Gov’t, more power and control.

    I don’t see the urgency here. Government in USA Schools costs nearly double that of other nations, yet performance is near the bottom … why not deal with that issue first? Why do we spend double that of other nations? Social Security and Medicare are in the RED already this year. Why not tackle these broken systems first?

    Radical Moderate: what were Obama’s grades in all the Ivy league schools? Show us some of his writings, how did he get into these schools? Who were his mentors? How did he pay for these $$ Schools? … What was his relationship you know you can’t answer these questions. My only point is that the media never really vetted Obama like other Presidential Candidates. We don’t know much about him nor his world view. Tom Brokaw admits as much on the Charlie Rose show.

  6. radical_moderate says:

    I find it interesting that so many Right-Wingers are extraordinarily interested in Obama’s intellectual bona-fides when the ultra Conservative Movement is so clearly anti-Intellectual (code word: “elitist,” or in other words, gullible) The much loved on the right, vice-Presidental hopeful, Sarah Palin bounced around several undistinguished colleges until she finally managed to graduate with a degree in Communications was it? (BTW can someone link me to HER transcripts?) I have heard no grumbling about her intellectual prowess, or lack thereof, on the right. And, of course, famously C average student, Grandfathered into the Ivy League, George Bush’s lack of intellect seemed to bother his supporters not a wit..in fact it always seemed like a plus to those who voted for him, IMO.

    Meanwhile, Obama made the Harvard Law Review, was a member of the Golden Key Society, and graduated with Honors from Harvard…an impressive record to be sure (that it is the school’s policy to keep his, and all other student’s, records confidential makes a handy straw man for his critics, but there is plenty of easily accessed info out there to suggest that, by all accounts, Obama was an outstanding student, including at least 2 of his Professors who I have heard interviewed, who proclaimed him a brillant student.) Beyond that BDD, I have heard the President interviewed many times, and as a person of some intelligence myself (I was also Gold Key), I can honestly say that Obama’s superior intelligence is more than evident to me. But let us get to the heart of the matter, when you ask, “how did he get into these schools,” we both know what you are implying don’t we?

  7. Radical Moderate: All Obamba has to do is release his records or answer a few questions. You avoid my questions here about Obamba, using Palin as cover … No curious Media Personality did any indepth investigation nor asked these questions. You prove my point, even as an Obamba supporter you can’t tell me anything substantial in detail about his academic background and how he got $$ for those schools. … you just recite the limited public record. Barry was applying for the highest office in the land, the folks have a right to know more about him …

    Palin got a full cavity search by the media whereas Obamba got a free pass. You know this at heart, the Media went above and beyond to discredit Palin and attack her family … besides she was at the bottom of the ticket … Obamba was at the top thus deserved more attention … . I don’t think Palin is some big intellictual, but that isn’t necessary to be a good leader. Reagan, Bush 1 & 2 … were all criticized by the left as “non-intellictuals”. Academic achievement is more of a negative in my view … Obamba has already doubled the deficit in just 6 months … and thinks Government-run Health Care is somehow the key to improving the economy … hardly super-smart, probably too academic in the approach.

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