Ted Kennedy Wanted Us to Bomb Venezuela

In the wake of Senator Kennedy’s passing, we were told Ted really just wanted to agree with all of his conservative friends in the Senate.   For conservatives, as a tactical and political matter, history is not about facts but about creating a narrative that will best push forward their agenda.

4 Responses to “Ted Kennedy Wanted Us to Bomb Venezuela”

  1. johnholmes says:

    This has to be the lamest post ever MacSwain. Democrats are clearly intent on using Kennedy to push this Health Care Bill, some already are. Many of the Bill’s Kennedy supported or authored are utter failures.

    This post reminds me of TAS … you guys on the Left are doing the same thing, “history is not about facts but about creating a narrative that will best push forward their agenda.” ie: hypocrisy …

  2. LibGarth says:

    I voted for Obama, voted for “Change” but was not expecting this. Obama has managed to overspend Bush’s 8 years of deficit spending in just 6 months. This is a disgrace, little Timmy G. has traveled to China 6-7 times making promises and begging the Chinese to finance this Trillions in spending. What promises is he making in OUR names?? Meanwhile Jobs are still in the tank and this “Stimulus” has done apparently NOTHING!! … same as FDR’s program.

    What are we doing to ourselves? The narrative is clear Macswain, wake up man!!

    I have buyers remorse, this Obama deal was a mistake.

  3. opit says:

    Yeah,yeah. Your mother wears army boots.
    Check out the information on healthcare at They Gave Us a Republic and blogging liberally in new milford ( Connecticut Yankee deserves a special note for his info ) if you want to see what publicly funded healthcare is like from actual people instead of corporate shills.
    Meantime I’ll continue to muse on all the ‘Change I can Believe In’ that is nowhere evident. Marines in Georgia,spook airships by Raydeon ( 300 ) in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pain Equipment for Police in the USA!
    Mountaintop Mining is going ahead and GM crops are being grown in the USA – and Canada.
    All this while the economy improves when unemployment increases slow their rate of accumulation.
    What’s going to happen when there’s no money to pay the water bill? It’s happening in city apartments already. No food or drinking water and healthcare to healthy rich people – who believe that the care regime which b.s.es everything else is going to be there for them.
    Maybe not.

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