What Exactly Is So Scary About “The Public Option” Anyway?

It would appear that Olympia Snowe, the sole remaining “moderate” Republican the Democrats in Congress can look to for political cover in this health care reform initiative, has made it clear she wants all likelihood of a “public option” off the table.

President Barack Obama “should take it off the table,” said Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “It would give real momentum to building consensus.”

Not only is this not at all surprising – who really thought vesting the success of health care reform in a Republican, no matter how moderate, was a good idea – but more importantly who really cares?

Olympia Snowe doesn’t want a public option and that matters exactly why? The Democrats and Obama do not need one single Republican vote for any version of health care to pass. For that matter, they could make it illegal for private insurance companies to be involved in the delivery of health care all together. They have enough seats. Of course no one, not even the most free-sex having, drug legalizing, abortion loving, capitalism hating liberal is asking for this but you would never know it from the state of this debate would you?

This is because the term “public option” has been allowed to float about without any meaningful qualification so that it is quickly attaining the same status as the term “liberal” itself. Congratulations Patrick. It is the boogieman of the health care debate and as such people who have absolutely no clue what it is are running down the streets with pitch forks and torches ready to kill the bastard the first chance they get.

So what exactly is the public option anyway? Is it government run health care? No, that is called single-payer health care. This would be something similar to the fear inducing Canadian system I have been living happily under for nearly the past two years. You know the one, where life is so miserable that when you get sick you go to the doctor and get treated for…wait for it…free! Oh, how horrible. What a screwed up socialist idea eh? Anyway, fear not America this is not on the table.

The public option is, in one word, choice.

God forbid!

Yes people, the public option is the idea that you, the American people, would have the choice as to whether to use your employer based care, private care, no care, or a government-employee-medicare-like option.

There you have it. Olympia Snowe is refusing to support a bill that would give Americans a choice and to that I say so the hell what! Why should we care what Olympia Snowe things, as a United States Senator she already gets the public option today doesn’t she!?!


UPDATE: John Amato has the goods showing President Obama has not given up.

One Response to “What Exactly Is So Scary About “The Public Option” Anyway?”

  1. Jack Jodell says:

    This opposition to a public option is about as stupid as anything can be. All this paranoid ranting and raving about Obama trying to turn health care into a fully government run system is a huge load of right wing delusional paranoia and is completely insane. But don’t kid yourself: the profiteering health insurance industry is behind this opposition to public option all the way. As long as they can continue to make their obscenely high profits and exclude people from coverage, they don’t care how many lies they tell or how many seniors they scare to death with deceitful rumors. Bring on single payer, baby, and bring it on now! It’s high time we stopped getting screwed and made the greedy health care pirates (I mean, execs) walk the plank!

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