Where Did All the GOP Health Care Bills Go?

Insurance industry lobbyists have crushed them, every one.

But seriously, folks… Glenn Thrush asks an excellent question: Where is the alternative health care reform bill that Republican leaders promised they would have for Democrats…. 100 days ago?

4 Responses to “Where Did All the GOP Health Care Bills Go?”

  1. Jack Jodell says:

    The GOP never had a plan, Kathy. They were talking the talk but never walking the walk. Being the party of “no” and status quo, they were, and still are, perfectly willing to keep things exactly as they are. To them, insurance and pharmaceutical industry rights and profits are the priority, not universally good health care for the public at large. They can always be counted on to put institutions ahead of people, and that’s why they’re always wrong.

  2. Where is Medical Malpractice Reform Kathy? … are Democrats being held hostage by greedy Lawyers??

    – no coverage for Illegals
    – Tort Reform
    – allow interstate insurance plans

    … those are GOP reforms. There IS no emergency here, while Obama fiddles away people are losing thier jobs, homes, cars, savings, credit …. while not everyone has Health Coverage in this country, everybody gets CARE … we have the best CARE system in the World. Nobody gives a rip about this bogus bill when we don’t have jobs!!

    “Its the Economy Stupid!!”

  3. ObamaLied says:

    The Republican plan simply send you to Jail if you don’t buy health insurance … oh, wait, that’s the Democrat plan of course … reminds me of Communist Russia and McCarthyism …


    Do what we say or go to jail !!

  4. It’s in Pelosi’s desk Kathy. … with Zero chance of a vote ..

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