British Columbia Hands Out Free Tamiflu

No, not f0r the hell of it but rather because it simply made sense. Good job BC.

The British Columbia government started delivering an antiviral drug from its stockpile on Thursday to those who need it at no cost.

Taking Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of becoming ill will lessen flu symptoms, reduce the risk of transmission and, most importantly to public health officials, decrease the risk of complications such as respiratory failure.

B.C. saw its million-dose stockpile of Tamiflu was approaching expiry and decided to put it to use at pharmacies, said Dr. Perry Kendall, the provincial health officer.

“We don’t want people taking it for a cold or for allergies and we don’t want people just just filling it and keeping it in their fridge on the off chance,” Kendall said. “Otherwise, there’s going be an awful lot of wasted drugs.”

The free Tamiflu is meant for pregnant women and people who have underlying medical conditions. A course of treatment normally costs about $50.

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    I saw something in my RSS feeds shortly after noting your post.
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