“It’s Obama-Hatred First, Not Country”

That’s E.J. Dionne commenting on Meet the Press — along with Rachel Maddow and David Brooks — on the right-wing explosion of joy after the International Olympic Committee rejected Chicago as host for the 2016 Summer Olympics.


5 Responses to ““It’s Obama-Hatred First, Not Country””

  1. Let’s face it, at best Obamba tried to use his weight to get these Olympic Games for Chicago and failed. At worst he used his Federal Office and taxpayer money/resources as a payback to all the folks who helped him in Chicago. I doubt Maddow addressed this last view on this unnecessary trip. Plus the carbon footprint left by this one 24hr trip is immense .. in a year when so many Americans are barely making ends meat .. this seems like a huge waste …

  2. I can’t make ends meat! I’m too full of bologna!

  3. Funny stuff BDJ !! … Obamba probably didn’t have a chance anyway … the IOC is so corrupt … I’m sure Brazil offered them lots of cash $$ and sleazy hookers !!

  4. This is laughable … since when does Maddow give a shit about the Country?? or was she thinking Cunt-ry? Her loyalty list starts with Obama at the top, followed by Progressive Politics, Dike-ism … and, well, “Country” can’t be found anywhere ..

  5. My opinion says:

    Can you really care what Maddow and Oberman say? The only listeners they have are the hard left and that is who they pander to. Without them, they would be speaking to an empty room. I read some of these comments and shake my head. Brazil is corrupt and offered a bribe and someone from Chicago politics is clean? Have you listened or read any newsarticals lately about selling seats in the senate etc. You Libs are laguhable. The GOP is mean to the President by says unkind things. Did you not watch Nancy Polosie or Reid on the news every day telling the world that the war was lost, Bush was an idiot, he lied, he is cheating, etc etc etc. Did you miss those for 8 years. Bush was not a ligit president because the Supreme Court gave it to him. That went on for how many years? I could go on and on with example of how the DEMS support the President and the country back then, but even the most ardent Lib should get the picture by now. I am against all attacks on this level. I will not dishoner President Obama in any way, I enlisted and served from 66-68 and have a strong love for this country. I do not support his policies and will work to try and defeat them, not because I’m a racist, but because I disagree with them. Lib you have a good defense or reason for what you are doing, you don’t need the race card. What you are doing should be able to stand on its own. The fact that you have to resort to this tactic is an admission you have nothing.

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